HHC vs. THC-O: Which Is 3x Stronger?

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If you’ve heard about HHC and THC-O, odds are you’ve been wondering which is best: HHC or THC-O is the best? These THC derivatives have become increasingly popular for their potency, benefits, and legal status.

Each offers differing effects that may be suitable for any user preferences. THC-O provides a more psychedelic and euphoric experience, while HHC offers the same effects as THC but has a more mellow effect.

If you’re wondering which option is better, this article will provide information regarding the potency and effect of HHC vs. THC-O to help you make the best choice.

How Does HHC Compare to THC-O?

Potency Effects Time To Hit Legal
HHC 70-80% as potent as THC Relaxation, euphoria, altered visual and auditory perception Inhaled: 1-5 mins

Ingested: 20 to 30 mins

THC-O 2X as potent as THC Pain relief, increased appetite, euphoria, spiritual or psychedelic psychoactivity Inhaled: 20 to 30 mins

Ingested: 1 hr


Is HHC Stronger Than THC-O?

Is HHC stronger than THC-O? No. THC-O is significantly stronger than HHC. THC-O is 3x the strength of HHC, which is weaker than Delta 9 THC.

What’s the Difference Between HHC and THC-O?

Are you confused about the differences between THC-O and HHC? We’re here to help. THC-O and HHC are derivatives of THC, but they have distinct differences.

THC-O, or THC acetate, is a synthetic compound made in the lab by adding acetic anhydride to THC. On the other hand, HHC is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp in low quantities; it is produced commercially through hydrogenation and has a different molecular structure than THC-O.

Moreover, when ingested, these two compounds provide vastly different effects: THC-O delivers a strong and potent psychedelic and spiritual effect, while HHC provides a mild cerebral effect.

Understanding these key distinctions can help you make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right product for you.

HHC vs. THC-O Potency

When it comes to potency, there’s no contest between HHC and THC-O. If you’re looking for something that packs a punch, then THC-O is the clear winner.

HHC is only 70% to 80% as strong as regular THC, whereas THC-O is twice as strong as regular THC, making it three times stronger than HHC. THC-O is highly potent and has stronger psychoactive effects than marijuana.

Furthermore, THC-O has a higher bioavailability than conventional THC, which adds to its power. This means that when compared to HHC and conventional THC, THC-O can be absorbed into the body at a higher rate, delivering a far more potent experience overall.

What Is the HHC Effect Like?

HHC’s effects are similar to those experienced when using conventional marijuana, though it’s much less powerful.

While Delta O and Delta 9 are better known and more desirable for their potent effects, many users may find their effects too heavy-handed, especially if they’re not looking for that type of experience.

The HHC effect is an excellent option for those who want to feel the effects of THC but don’t necessarily want an overpowering or noticeable effect.

An HHC effect allows users to have a more social experience. Users enjoy the same effects without all the possible impairments associated with more potent forms.

That’s why some people say it has a “stealth” effect because it will get you to enjoy the effects without giving away any apparent signs of being under the influence.

What Is the THC-O Effect Like?

THC-O provides users with an experience unlike that of other similar cannabis products. THC-O produces a potent psychedelic effect that makes the user feel chill and euphoric.

The effect is typically described as an otherworldly, dreamlike sensation. Some users have even reported that Delta O has hallucinogenic effects close to those experienced when taking psychotropics, such as mushrooms.

They feel a sense of connectedness to the world and their surroundings as if they were experiencing life on a deeper level than normal.

Many users liken the THC-O effect to an introspective journey through their minds, which may leave them feeling deeply connected with their spiritual side.

This combination of relaxation and heightened awareness makes THC-O an enticing choice for many recreational cannabis users.

Which Hits Faster HHC or THC-O?

When deciding which compound to use, people are usually curious about how fast they will feel the effects of the compound.

While the answer to this depends on how consumed, one compound has an edge in this category. HHC users typically experience its effects quicker than THC-O users.

Generally, if you are vaping HHC, the effects kick in very quickly, often within one to five minutes, while ingestion methods such as edibles or capsules can take up to 20 to 30 minutes before users experience any results.

In comparison, THC-O may require up to 20 to 30 minutes to feel the effects if inhaled and up to an hour if ingested.

Which Effect Lasts Longer HHC or THC-O?

Have you ever wondered which effect lasts longer, HHC or THC-O? When comparing HHC and THC-O, the THC-O effect generally lasts longer. THC-O’s effect last for three to eight hours compared to one to three hours for HHC.

However, many other factors can influence how long each of these effects last. These include your metabolism, how you consume HHC or THC-O (in edibles versus smoking it), and your personal tolerance.

Legality of HHC & THC-O

Yes. HHC and THC-O both fall under hemp-derived products. Thanks to legislation in the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp-derived Cannabinoids such as HHC and THC-O are now legal. Hemp-derived simply means that the compound has less than 0.3% THC.

Are HHC And THC-O Made Differently?

While both HHC and THC-O are variants of THC, each requires a different process to create. THC is hydrogenated under pressure and then extracted.

During the hydrogenation process, a hydrogen atom is added to the THC molecule. Alternatively, THC-O or THC-O acetate is produced by adding acetic anhydride to Delta 8 or Delta 9.

Is HHC or THC-O Better?

When choosing between HHC or THC-O, there isn’t one correct answer because it depends on the experience you want. If you’re looking for an effect similar to traditional marijuana but with a milder effect, then HHC is the way to go.

However, if you’re looking for a more substantial effect, THC-O is the obvious choice. Ultimately both products have their benefits, but it’s up to the user which one will better fit their needs and preferences.

Should I Try HHC or THC-O First?

Are you considering using hemp-derived compounds, such as HHC or THC-O, but don’t know where to start?

Choosing between HHC or THC-O may seem daunting, but you can determine the better option by weighing a few factors. If you are new to using cannabis products and have a low tolerance, starting with an HHC product is likely the best option.

This product offers similar yet milder effects than traditional marijuana without such strong side effects that naturally come with many of the more potent varieties of cannabis.

On the other hand, if you are a daily Delta 9 user with a high tolerance, you may find that trying out THC-O could be just what you need when looking for something more potent.

However, It is important to remember that there is no proof of cross-tolerance, so even experienced marijuana smokers should always start slow when trying any form of cannabis product for the first time.

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HHC vs. THC-O, which option is best? HHC and THC-O are both powerful cannabinoids with unique properties that can provide a variety of effects.

THC-O stands out as a more psychedelic cannabinoid than HHC, so if intense experiences are what you’re after, THC-O may be the better choice.

On the other hand, HHC is still very potent but with significantly fewer psychoactive qualities than its well-known cousin, THC.

Depending on your preferences and desired outcome, either compound might be the perfect addition to your repertoire. Ultimately, it’s best to do some research and try them out to determine which works best for you. Good luck!

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