Blendz 2g Vape Cartridges

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

That’s why we’ve teamed up 10% of THCp, and enough THCjd, and HHC into one legendary vape cart to make your dreams come true.

Ultra-potent THCp creates a feeling of euphoria even stronger than Delta-9 THC (20x stronger to be exact). And we’ve upped the dose to 10% THCp for even more good vibes. THCjd mellows you out for a relaxing calm. And long-lasting HHC keeps the party going for hours.

With this massive 2-gram vape cartridge, you’ll be able to do this dance again…and again…and again.

Blendz by Herban Bud is available in 6 strains, each with cannabis-derived terpenes and live resin to create the chill you crave or the buzz you’re looking for.

Choose your strain:

  • Bruce Banner (sativa)
  • Super Lemon Haze (sativa)
  • Grape Ape (indica)
  • Tropic Thunder (indica)
  • Slapz (hybrid)
  • Strawnana (hybrid)

These carts must be paired with a 510-compatible vape battery.



What’s Inside

Some vape carts are made with sub-par components and questionable filler oils. Not at Herban Bud.

Our vape carts are custom designed to perfectly match the viscosity of our oils. And inside, you’ll only ever find premium cannabinoids, terpenes, and live resin.

Our Blendz 510 Vape Carts include:

THCp (tetrahydrocannabiphorol)
A natural cannabinoid that bonds extremely effectively with the user’s cannabinoid receptors, creating a euphoric high approximately 20x stronger than Delta-9 THC.  This vape includes 10% THCp.

THCjd (octyl cannabinoid)
A naturally occurring phytocannabinoid, extracted directly from hemp. Some users report a marked feeling of calm and relaxation.

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol)
A hemp-derived cannabinoid with an additional hydrogen molecule. Creates a similar body high to Delta-9 THC, but at a slightly lower potency (roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9).

Always buy vape products from trustworthy brands that share their Certificate of Analysis!


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