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What Are THCa Diamonds? How Are They Made and Smoked?

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THCa is a new player on the cannabis concentrate scene. THCa diamonds get their name from their distinctive physical structure, which resembles diamonds. You can find THCa in crystalline form and ingest it through smoking or vaping. Tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCa) is the gem equivalent for weed connoisseurs.

You might know THC, but not everyone is well-versed with THCa, probably because of its rarity. However, if you are interested in discovering why this is popularly known as the “super concentrate,” read on.

What Is THCa, and Is It Legal?

Depending on your geological location, cannabis and cannabis products may be available for recreation or medicinal purposes. But is THCa illegal?

THCa is perfectly legal. Associating THCa with hemp makes it easier to understand, but it doesn’t have the same legal troubles that hemp does. In terms of Delta-9 THC, THCa and hemp are identical, as they both have low percentage content of around 0.03%.

What is THCa, though? THCa is a precursor to THC. It contains an additional carbon atom that manufacturers remove through a temperature-dependent reaction known as decarboxylation.

How Are THCa Diamonds Made?

There is a lot of similarity between THCa diamonds and the stones that made Rockwell famous. However, when it comes to making them, the similarity ends with the simple fact that both require specific temperatures and pressure.

THCa diamond extraction is not a home operation. THCa diamond makers extract tetrahydrocannabinol acid from flower cannabis in a highly complex process that requires a qualified expert.

To extract the breathtaking THCa diamonds, manufacturers maintain and freeze whole flowers. THCa extraction through this method is known as hydrocarbon extraction. Most people freeze the flower to maintain its terpene content. After the cold extraction, the extract receives an excess of tempered pressure until turns into the delicate crystals of THCa isolate diamonds.

Crystalline Method

The crystalline method involves treating the resin-like extract with pressure and heat. The flower extract is heated until it is supersaturated, after which it is pressure treated until the crystals begin to form. The extract then evaporates and gets rid of the surplus solvent. THCa crystalline diamonds obtained by this method are usually distinctly larger.

Closed-Loop Extraction Method

The closed-loop extraction method utilizes a special solvent to separate the trio of cannabinoids, THCa, and terpenes from the less helpful plant material. The flower extract dissolves from the solvent, leaving pure THCa isolate diamonds.

What Are THCa Diamonds Used For?

You can use THCa in various ways, varying potency by terpene content and concentration. Many people infuse pure THCa with joints to amplify the psychoactive effects of THC. However, sometimes the heat from a joint is not enough to extract THC completely from the diamonds. Vaping is a more ideal means to get to that THC backbone.

You can pair high-content THCa diamonds with other terpene blends and cannabis strains to give flavorful products that maintain the integrity of the individual strains while delivering a powerful punch. There is a simple solution to the THCa vs THCo debate, as THCa is what produces THCo as long as you add a little heat.

Are THCa Diamonds Safe?

THCa diamonds are highly concentrated. However, they are safe to consume and have multiple health benefits. THCa diamonds can do much good for your body, from calming your nerves to managing your sleep cycle.

However, those with underlying health conditions and high sensitivity to THC should maintain the same caution when approaching THCa diamonds as with any other cannabinoid product. Despite the safety net surrounding THCa, overconsumption is still dangerous to users. THCa diamonds are relatively easy to use regardless of your experience with cannabinoids.

What Do THCa Diamonds Look Like?

As the name suggests, THCa diamonds have a sharp crystalline appearance. The crystals vary in transparency which is often a good indicator of their quality. Less translucent diamonds usually have fewer terpenes and cannabinoids and are considered less potent.

THCa Diamond Effects

The body lacks the receptors to utilize THCa diamonds because of the additional carbon atom within its structure. To bring about the “high,” THCa diamonds are converted into THC through heating processes. Consequently, the THCAa diamond effects are identical to taking THC through traditional methods, albeit with a more intense high.

The effects include:

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Heightened senses
  • Raised appetite
  • Time indifference
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleepiness
  • Impaired motor functions

As for THCa vs. Delta-9, THCa diamonds have a high Delta-9 THC content when decarboxylated, thus providing strong effects. Comparatively, our THCa diamonds have a 99% THCa content over THCa flowers, which only have around 28%.

What Potency Are THCa Diamonds?

THCa diamonds are the pinnacle of cannabinoid innovation. However, our bodies lack the cannabinoid receptors to perceive THC impulses which translates to a lack of a high. The culprit for this is the extra carboxylic acid chain.

When their THC content is unlocked, THCa diamonds are much more potent than their predecessors and competitors. THCa diamonds are the most potent concentrates available on the market, varying in potency by extraction and ingestion methods.

THCa will pique your interest if you are looking for a more robust and longer-lasting high. However, you should always take them in moderation to avoid overconsumption.

How Can THCa Diamonds Be Consumed?

You can consume THCa diamonds in a variety of ways. If you want to smoke it, you can inhale THCa through any of the following methods:


Vaping THCa is an excellent way to get it in your system. Vaping gives users a safer and more consistent way to take THCa because of the consistent temperature.

Mix With Flower

You can easily add a few THCa diamonds to your joints, spliffs, and blunts. Rolling your favorite strain with an infusion of crushed THCa crystalline diamonds allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can maintain the integrity and flavor of your favorite flower with the added advantage of a more robust and longer-lasting high using THCa.

Dab Rig

Dabbing or vaping THCa is the fastest way to experience the effects of the diamonds. Lighting up blunts and spliffs provides an appropriate temperature to convert THCa to THC.

How To Smoke THCa Diamonds

Smoking THCa diamonds is relatively easy. There are no breathing exercises that you have to stick to, and if you have experience with other cannabinoid products, you are well on your way to enjoying the perks of THCa diamonds. To smoke THCa, crush your favorite flower and sprinkle some THCa diamond magic.

Improve Tasty Terpenes with Low THC

Terpenes have several benefits, and for many reasons, users like specific terpene profiles. A drawback of terpenes is that they have lower THC content than concentrates. You can add the extra THC milligrams by adding THCa diamonds to your tasty terpenes to elevate them to your desired potency.

THCa Diamonds vs. Other Concentrates

Across the board, there are several heavy hitters regarding concentrates. The best-known concentrates are live resins, distillate oils, and the ever-potent THCa micro-diamonds. Concentrates have set the cannabinoid market ablaze, raising interest levels among consumers and marketers alike.

Live resin and THCa diamonds are similar in many ways, but the differences are visible even to the naked eye. Both concentrates vary in chemical nature, extract origin, and physical texture.

THCa diamonds provide users with high potency THCa that is of high purity, often averaging around 99% THCa content.

For live resin, there are several other constituents of the cocktail, which includes cannabinoids of different nature and chemical structure depending on the extraction method. In addition to the THC content, THCa has the extra carboxylic acid side chain, while the live resin is completely decarboxylated.

Other than crunching the potency numbers, there are several other differences between live resin and THCa diamonds in the origin material. While flash-frozen flowers are the primary source of THCa diamonds, manufacturers extract live resin and distillate oils from lower-quality regions, such as the stems and leaves.

Manufacturers obtain live resin from hydrocarbon extraction, which gives sauce and diamonds. If you love the fragrant aromas of the various strains on the market, you have “sauce” to thank, as it provides the necessary high terpene extract.

Where Can I Buy THCa Diamonds?

You can buy THCa diamonds from our online store.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about THCa.

Are THCa diamonds live resin?

THCa diamonds and live resin are distinct, with only a few similarities. THCa diamonds are more potent than live resin and have a different texture and chemical makeup. Moreover, both concentrates come from different origins.

How can I tell if THCa diamonds are high quality?

Without the help of lab equipment, the best thing to help you assess the quality of THCa diamonds is to check for a clear white consistency and the distinct odor of the terpene profile. If you can get your hands on the chemical components, THCa content of more than 90% is an assurance of good quality.

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