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When consuming Delta-8, two of the most popular ways to consume are through capsules or gummies. There are distinct advantages to each in the battle between Delta-8 capsules vs gummies, including price and peak time. However, a few traits can also make one formulation less desirable than the other.

For a quick reference, this chart highlights the most significant elements of the Delta-8 capsules vs gummies.

High Duration Time to Peak Absorption Best for Cost 15mg
D8 Capsules 3 – 8 hours 2 – 4 hours slow On-the-go $40 for 30 pack
D8 Gummies 4 – 6 hours 2 – 4 hours slow Social Settings $19.99 for 20 pack

Comparing Delta-8 Gummies, and Soft Gel Capsules

While the core ingredient of Delta-8 is the same as gummies and soft gel capsules, the creation process is a bit different. When creating a Delta-8 capsule, the hemp will undergo compression techniques to become an extract. From there, it will mix with a carrier oil, and the manufacturer will form the compound into capsules.

While some of the processes are the same for gummies, the manufacturers will add flavor additions as part of the creation, and there are a few extra steps in the gummy-making process. Many other similarities and differences come with Delta-8 capsules vs gummies.

Effect Duration

When it comes to the length of time that an effect will last while taking Delta-8 capsules and gummies, there is a slight variation between the two methods. For those who consume a pill, their effect may last between three and eight hours.

However, those who opt for gummies may see a slightly less high duration. It’s common for Delta-8 gummies to produce an effect that lasts between four and six hours.

Time to Peak

One thing that both the capsule and gummies forms of Delta-8 have in common is their average peak time. Both formulations tend to reach their peak within two to four hours after consumption. Therefore, you are likely to feel the greatest impact of the THC during that time frame.


When it comes to the absorption rate for the Delta-8 gummies and capsules, you’ll notice very little difference between them. Both forms have a slow pace, and you will start to see the effects over time instead of instantaneously as you might with vape cartridges.

Are D8 Gummies or Capsules Safer?

Regarding safety, both the Delta-8 gummies and capsules come with the same amount of ingredients per item. Therefore, you won’t get one that has a higher percentage than the others. While you can buy them in various strengths, they are undergoing consistent production while producers store them in separate areas to avoid mix-ups.

When used correctly, both Delta-8 gummies and capsules are equally safe. What can cause a hiccup is when people aren’t used to the slow absorption rate and delayed peak. If you aren’t used to that or expecting it to happen, you may think that the product isn’t working and continue to take another. This act can lead to an overdose, which can be dangerous to some.

Advantages of Delta-8 Capsules

If you are strongly considering the route of Delta-8 capsules, then you will find several benefits to this formulation style.

No Chewing, Just Swallow

While gummies come with a pleasant taste and can act as a treat, the time needed to adequately chew them isn’t very enticing. Some users prefer having the ability to swallow a capsule in no time flat so that they can get on with their trip in a shorter amount of time.

If you’re on the go, it’s simple and inconspicuous to pop a capsule in your mouth and swallow. Within a few seconds, the process is over, and you can go about your day while waiting for it to absorb into your system.

Low Calorie

When you ingest Delta-8 in gummy form, you get extra calories from this method. The addition of the excess gelatin and flavoring adds additional sugar that leads to an elevated amount of calories. If this is something you wish to avoid, utilizing a capsule that is lower in calories is likely a better route for you to take.

Controlled Dosage With Pre-Measured Form

Taking Delta-8 in capsule form affords you peace of mind that you are getting the same amount of ingredients in each dose. The pre-measured mold and process that comes with creating each capsule ensures that your dosage is controllable and you won’t experience higher amounts from one pill to another in the same purchase pack.

Disadvantages of Delta-8 Capsules

There are many advantages to consuming Delta-8 in capsule form. However, very few things in life are perfect, and there is a downfall to this formulation that can be unpleasant to users.

Less Durable

The issue that can often come about with Delta-8 capsules is that they may react poorly in different environmental conditions. Therefore, you may notice melting or misforming if the capsules remain in the heat, such as leaving them in your vehicle in the summer. Additionally, you may find that your capsules have a more solid consistency if exposed to cold.

While this may not impact your Delta-8 capsules too much, it can also make them less durable over time. Therefore, proper storage is something to keep in mind if you decide to go the capsule route.

Advantages of Delta-8 Gummies

Many perks come with taking Delta-8 via the gummy form. Most people consider gummies to be a form of edible and prefer this method of ingesting THC.

Long Lasting Effect

Many find similarities between the Delta-8 and Delta-9 dosages, including the duration of the effect. Some people see a peak at four hours, meaning that their effect lasts until almost six hours overall. While the capsules can last for up to eight hours, this isn’t the norm. The chances of experiencing a longer-lasting high are better with Delta-8 gummies.

Control Over Dosage

As is the case with the Delta-8 capsules, you can rest assured that every gummy from the same batch has the same amount of ingredients and strength. You won’t get one that contains a higher milligram than the next, so you can safely take gummies without accidentally overdosing because you aren’t sure of the dosage each gummy has.

The only caveat to this situation would be if you opt for infused or sprayed edibles. If this is an addition you typically include in your routine, you will notice significantly higher levels than you might with just a standard gummy. This is because the method of ingesting these products varies the amount of THC that you receive.

Odorless and Easy To Consume

One of the most significant advantages of Delta-8 gummies is that they do not come with a scent, as they are completely odorless. You will only know their flavor when you bite into one, as it isn’t evident otherwise.

Having odorless gummies allows you to be more discrete when consuming them in public or around others. The resemblance is similar to regular gummy candies and most people won’t notice a difference until they bite into one.

Disadvantages of Delta-8 Gummies

There are many benefits to consuming Delta-8 in gummy form. However, there are a few disadvantages people commonly encounter in their use of the product.

Greater Chance of Cannabis Intoxication

The most prevalent issue when consuming Delta-8 gummies is the chance of becoming intoxicated by ingesting too many. Because the effects of the gummy take so long to come into play, many feel that the dosage isn’t high enough or that it isn’t working for them. Therefore, they ingest another gummy to achieve the desired high.

Unfortunately, this causes people to overdose on Delta-8 and feel heavily intoxicated. It’s critical to review the length of time it takes for people to experience a peak high with the different strands to avoid such situations.


For those who are diligent about their calorie intake, going the gummy route to get your dose of Delta-8 may be problematic. The way that manufacturers produce gummies makes it hard to account for the calories accurately. Therefore, you are unable to verify how much you intake with each gummy.

It’s important to know that the ingredients in terms of the Delta-8 are all the exact amounts in one batch. However, the nutritional value can vary between gummies based on the extra ingredients needed to make it into the correct form for consumption.

When To Choose Delta-8 Capsules

If you are exploring the use of Delta-8 capsules, there are a few situations in which this route is better suited for you than using gummies.

  • Time Crunch: Using a capsule is as simple as swallowing a small pill-shaped item, taking up almost no time at all.
  • Discretion: Delta-8 capsules allow you to be discreet when you are taking them.
  • Calorie Conscious: If you are in a place where you are actively counting calories, using capsules is the better option.

If you find yourself needing any of these solutions, you are likely a good fit for Delta-8 capsules over gummies.

When To Choose Delta-8 Gummies

For those who like the idea of edibles, you may feel the inclination to include gummies into your regimen. Gummies are best suited for those who desire:

  • Flavor: Those who want the experience of having flavor mixed in with their dose will appreciate gummies more than capsules.
  • Discretion: While the act of eating a gummy may draw attention, the fact that the product is odorless helps you transport it discreetly.
  • Long-Lasting Effect: If you are looking for a Delta-8 option that will last longer than others, gummies will provide that for you.

If you don’t care about the extra calories that can come with ingesting edibles, then you will likely appreciate Delta-8 gummies over the capsule form. Many people appreciate the flavor and experience that comes along with the gummy product.


As you can see, there are many advantages and some disadvantages to each route in the Delta-8 gummies vs capsules debate. Moreover, you will find even more dialogue between Delta-8 gummies vs vape cartridges. Knowing the options available to you and narrowing down the consumption method that works best for you is the first step.

In this guide, we outline the variables between capsules and gummies. We also point you in the direction of when you should choose one over the other. As long as you take them correctly, both routes are beneficial and have many perks.

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