Is Delta 8 THC Distillate Safe? The Latest on this Hot Cannabinoid

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Delta 8 THC is one of many cannabinoids known to exist in cannabis. It naturally exists in limited quantities. These D8 products have been exploding in popularity within the last year – especially in states where cannabis is not yet legal.

Consumers are beginning to ask themselves a big question before purchasing delta 8 products: are they safe? In unregulated spaces, there are no rules preventing them from making and selling potentially toxic products.

This is a consistent concern that we hear about from lab technicians, regulators, physicians, and other experts.

What Experts are Saying

High Times states that: “all in all, Delta 8 is a powerful cannabinoid that has a lot to offer.” Many brands and consumers claim that it’s a less powerful high, but with similar effects to its cousin, Delta 9 THC. Pot Guide explains it as “Weed Light” and promises a smoother and more pleasant experience than Delta-9 THC.

A report issued on June 2 by the U.S. Cannabis Council, a national trade group researching state-licensed cannabis companies and legalization advocates, described the boom in unregulated delta 8 THC sales as a “rapidly expanding crisis.”

The Cannabis Council report stated: “the fact that it is being sold outside of the regulated marketplace with no oversight or testing and is readily available to children is alarming, and it presents a public health risk of a potentially wider impact than the vape crisis.”

It’s Important to be Cautious

Whether it’s inhaling harmful ingredients, buying a product with no actual delta 8 THC, or getting a “high” that is far stronger than anticipated, there is a lot to consider before purchasing. The risks of buying an unlicensed delta 8 product can range from simple potency fraud to hospitalization and even death.

In 2019, more than 2,700 THC vape users were sickened after inhaling Vitamin E oil used as an oil thickener in illicit-market cartridges. At least 68 people died after contracting VAPI, or EVALI – deadly lung conditions that are caused by inhaling vaporized Vitamin E oil.

There is Much to Learn through Research

In states where cannabis is legal, there are systems of strict rules and regulations that control who sells it as well as how and where it is sold.

Delta 8 THC surfaced on the market in 2019 in a very different way – appearing on the shelves in stores that are not licensed to sell cannabis A lot of the time, it appeared alongside non-intoxicating CBD products, which are legal to sell without a cannabis license.

With few human studies, safety profile details, and tolerability of the molecule, it is impossible to know all of the effects of delta 8 at the time of writing. Some evidence suggests that it is milder than its cousin, delta-9 – but long-term effects are still unknown.

Delta 8 Products that You can Trust

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