Chocolate Edibles Vs. Gummies | Which Has Better High?

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With the increased legalization of marijuana, there is a growing variety of edibles becoming available. Substance, strain, and THC quantity can all be adjusted to create a wide range of effects on the overall individual experience. Some methods of cannabis ingestion are better than others due to their chemical composition and other properties.

Chocolate edibles and gummies are currently two of the most popular choices, but they differ in more ways than just taste and texture. Keep reading to find out which is the best choice for you in the chocolate edibles vs. gummies debate.

What Is a Chocolate Edible?

Chocolate is an excellent candidate for infusing cannabis. It contains fats that cannabis compounds prefer to bind to. This fat helps to protect and prolong the THC present in the edible and can help the user obtain a more soothing effect. This is perfect for users that are looking to get some extra sleep or relaxation.

In addition, these fats reside longer in the body. Chocolate edibles can help users enjoy a more consistent effect over an extended period.

What Is a THC Gummy?

Gummy edibles offer the benefit of multiple flavors and ease of dosing. These types of edibles tend to be more fast-acting yet last a shorter period than chocolate edibles do. They are also typically easier to find and buy than chocolate edibles.

Due to this, gummies usually win in the debate between gummies vs. chocolate edibles for those looking to avoid the sleepy side effects. Perfect for use throughout the day, gummies can give the user energy and relaxation, allowing confidence in social situations if desiring to better conceal the effects.

Comparing the Potency of Chocolate Edibles & Gummies

You can determine the potency of an edible in its dosage for both chocolate and gummies. Two examples of these products are the Delta-9 THC Gummies and the Delta-9 Couverture Chocolate.

Our Delta-9 THC Gummies contain 15mg of THC per gummy, with ten gummies in the bag offering a total of 150mg. If we look at our uniquely crafted Delta-9 Couverture Chocolate contains 12.5mg of THC and 2mg of CBC per square, with a total of 125mg of THC and 20mg of CBC per bar.

While the gummies contain a higher amount of THC than the chocolate, the addition of the CBC makes it a good choice for those seeking a different effect than what the gummies offer.

Are Chocolate Edibles Stronger than Gummies?

There are a lot of variables that contribute to the overall potency of an edible, regardless of whether it is chocolate or a gummy. For example, bioavailability, or the rate at which the THC is absorbed into the body, varies depending on the user’s weight, metabolism, age, and other aspects of their physical makeup.

The consistency of the edibles, whether chocolate or gummy, also depends on the strain of cannabis and the amount the manufacturers use. Gummies are typically smaller than chocolate, so they would technically have more THC in the same area as a chocolate edible.

Do Chocolate Edibles Hit Faster Than Gummies?

Because gummies are more fast-acting than chocolate, users are more prone to feel the effects at a quicker rate than they would by consuming chocolate edibles. The products will not only hit the user suddenly but are likely to taper off at a fast pace too.

Chocolate edibles will maintain a lasting impact, but the strength of which is solely determined by the amount the user consumes and the amount of THC and other compounds present in each piece.

Which Has a Longer-Lasting High?

Since cannabis is fat-soluble and binds easily to products such as butter, cocoa, and eggs, chocolate cookies or brownies are great for storing THC. While smoking or vaping cannabis is a more potent option, the effects of chocolate or baked goods tend to last longer.

The same consideration goes for a comparison of gummy edibles. While they tend to affect the user at a much quicker rate, they will not last the same length of time as chocolate or chocolate-inclusive baked edibles.

Do Chocolate Edibles Have Superior Taste?

When consuming edibles, the taste is undoubtedly a vital detail to make the experience enjoyable. Options for chocolate through Herban Bud include dark and milk chocolate. The milk chocolate offers a rich taste with a wonderful hint of caramel and cinnamon, while the dark chocolate leans more towards a spicy fruit-like flavor.

Gummy flavors can offer a wider variety of flavors for users. For example, Delta-9 gummies are available in flavors such as green apple, cherry pie, blue raspberry, lemon drop, and orange mango. This array of options contributes to the popularity of gummies as edibles, simply because they are so versatile for those with tricky tastebuds.

Does the Type of Edible You Consume Make a Difference?

Studies have shown the bioavailability of different types of edibles can have different effects on the user. Some types of edibles may not allow for the same THC absorption as others, ultimately affecting the overall strength and duration. While one edible may reflect a higher dosage, the ingredients within them determine how the body will absorb the compounds.

Where Can I Buy Chocolate Edibles & Gummies?

Herban Bud offers an assortment of chocolate bars, Delta-8 and Delta-9 gummies. Chocolate can be purchased as individual bars or in sets of two or five. Purchasing in bundles will offer savings per chocolate bar and can be either milk or dark chocolate.

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