The Politics of Cannabis, US Hemp Laws, & Minimum Sentences w/ Paul Trowe at Herban Bud

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We got to sit down with the Hemp List in episode number #68. We are grateful for the experience and for you to learn more about Herban Bud. Read what the Hemp List had to say about us and check out the interview below.

“Paul Trowe with Herban Bud joins Founder of Chase Nobles on the HempList #68 Paul’s story starts back in the ’80s working with video game publishers (Activision / Gremlin Interactive) on groundbreaking video game titles like Half-Life and Grand Theft Auto! From there he talks about getting busted in Texas with a small amount of THC and fighting a 10-year prison sentence and how that led to Herban Bud & helping others. Then Paul & Chase discuss Hemp in Texas and the odd politics that have taken place over the last 1-2 years including a potential smokable Flower ban, and legal Delta 8 for the time being…”

Video transcript

Paul Trowe is a central figure in the Texas hemp industry, and he has been instrumental in helping to build the market for hemp products in the state. He was part of the team that held two successful Texas Hemp Conventions in 2020, and since then has been working diligently to grow his company’s presence in Florida. Paul is committed to helping promote quality products and ensuring that consumers have access to safe, regulated options.

Paul believes strongly in bringing cannabis into the regulatory fold and creating a better choice for consumers. This means supporting companies that produce high-quality products as well as advocating for decriminalization of marijuana at a federal level so that individual states can make up their own rules regarding hemp production. In Texas specifically, it’s not difficult to find high-THC cannabis products that are legally classified as hemp – though it can be difficult to source quality ones without proper regulation. For this reason, Paul is passionate about introducing regulatory measures that will help ensure only top-tier products are available on the market.

Paul loves being part of events like these, which provide an opportunity to spread awareness of what his company is doing as well as connect with other members of the industry. He is looking forward to potentially attending Kushcon in Tampa this August, which would be a great chance for his team to network with other professionals and expand their reach into new markets.

Having done such great work here in Texas, Paul hopes he can continue to contribute positively to the wider hemp industry throughout 2021 and beyond – by expanding into new markets, promoting quality products and educating consumers across the country on what they should look out for when purchasing hemp goods. His efforts thus far have been greatly appreciated by both fellow industry professionals and consumers alike; here’s hoping we see many more success stories like this one!

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