Infused Flower

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Roll your joints just how you like them or pack an end-of-day bowl with Infused Flower from Herban Bud.

We source the highest quality hemp flower from two of the United States’ top farms to bring you some of the strongest Delta-8 and HHC-infused flower on the market.

Choose a Delta-8 infusion for calm and clarity. Legal at the federal level and in most states.

Choose the stronger HHC infusion for a body high and gentle euphoria similar to full-spectrum cannabis. Legal at the federal level and in most states.

Unlike other farms that diluted their oil with isopropyl alcohol (!) and load it into a sprayer, our partner farms use superior cryo-infusion and hand-application techniques. The result? An even infusion with no dangerous alcohol in your lungs.


Choose your strain!

HHC Flower Infusions (7g jars)

  • Cheese Quake (indica)
  • Space Candy (sativa)


Delta-8 Flower Infusions (3.5g or 7g jars)

  • Super Skunk (indica-dominant hybrid)
  • Pineapple Express (sativa-dominant hybrid)
  • Chemdawg OG (sativa-dominant hybrid)
  • Tangie (sativa)
  • Skywalker OG (indica-dominant hybrid)
  • Girl Scout Cookies (sativa-dominant hybrid)
  • Sour Diesel (sativa)


What’s Inside

Herban Bud Infused Flower is available in 3.5g or 7g jars.

Choose from two HHC-infused flower options or seven Delta-8 infused flower options.

The Infusion Process

HHC and Delta-8 oil are THICK. That’s why most farms mix the oil with isopropyl alcohol to thin it down, and then spray their flower with a spray gun.

But if all the alcohol doesn’t burn off, then you’re smoking isopropyl alcohol into your lungs. Surprising to no one, that is very bad for you.

Our farms use slower methods that result in no dangerous by-products.

One is cryo-infusion. Herban Bud oil is spread on a long sheet and cryo-frozen very rapidly to preserve the integrity of the oil. Then it’s laid over the flower where it slowly warms, dripping into the buds.

The other method is a hand-application using warm oil and a brush.

Both of these methods get you high-quality buds with an even application of oil and no alcohol solvents, ever.

Always buy cannabis products from trustworthy brands that share their Certificate of Analysis!


Delta-8 Infused Flower
Organic Hemp, Delta-8 THC Distillate, Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

HHC Infused Flower
Organic Hemp, HHC Distillate, Cannabis-Derived Terpenes


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