THCa 3.5g Baby J’s


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THCa Baby J’s – Your Pocket-Sized Pleasure Trove

Discover the pure joy of HerbanBud’s THCa Baby J’s, now in a 3.5g package that promises delight with every puff. Tucked within this convenient tube is not just a joint, but a gateway to euphoria, meticulously filled with select high THCa flower, crafted for those who seek happiness in its most smokable form.

The Selective Science of Satisfaction

Our THCa Baby J’s are the result of careful cultivation, bred specifically to amplify the THCa content while keeping Delta-9 THC just a whisper. This precise genetic craftsmanship ensures each joint is bursting with potential yet remains compliant under Texas law and the Farm Bill.

From THCa to THC: A Transformative Experience

With a spark, the THCa in each joint is alchemized into Delta-9 THC, offering an experience akin to full-spectrum cannabis. The result is a rich, satisfying buzz, reminiscent of traditional THC products, but with the legal ease of hemp containing less than 0.3% THC.

Safeguarded for Satisfaction

HerbanBud understands that the finest experiences deserve the finest care. That’s why each Baby J is ensconced in a durable plastic tube, ensuring your next moment of bliss is just as fresh as the last, whether it’s resting in a pocket or adorning a purse.

A Bundle of Bliss

Gone are the days of singular satisfaction. The THCa Baby J’s come in a set of five, totaling 3.5 grams of premium THCa flower. It’s a collection that ensures whether you’re sharing with friends or savoring solitude, there’s always enough joy to go around.


Additional information

Weight 0.335103 oz

What’s Inside

Each jar includes five pre-rolled joints packed with 3.5g of high THCa flower.

With its high THCa content, new smokers should use with caution.

Always buy THCa products from trustworthy brands that share their Certificate of Analysis!


3.5g High-THCa Hemp Flower