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Here’s What Vape Carts Should Taste & Smell Like

Cannabis cartridges have become extremely popular in recent years due to their discrete characteristics and compact portability. However, a common question among cartridge users is “Why am I not getting high from carts?”

The answer to that question is usually that your cart is bad, but luckily there are ways to check the quality of a cartridge ( we have an entire article on fake carts color). If you are new to THC oil and vaping carts, it may be hard to tell what taste and smell your cartridge should have. The best rule of thumb is that your cart should taste as advertised; otherwise, you may be vaping with a fake, which could make you sick.

Cart Should Taste As Advertised

Every cartridge has a designated flavor. It’s easy for manufacturers to repeat with proper lab testing. Fake cartridges often don’t taste as their name suggests. They will have a very indistinguishable flavor, but you should be able to pinpoint the flavor of a real cart.

Reputable suppliers such as Herban Bud will always sell carts that taste like they’re supposed to without overpowering you with artificial flavoring or the taste of THC.

None of the Taste Notes Should Be Overpowering

Carts also shouldn’t overwhelm you with flavor. After all, you’re simply smoking something that’s supposed to be almost pure THC, so it should be alarming if there are overwhelming amounts of flavor. If a cart says it has a berry flavor, it should be tasteable but not overwhelming.

If you feel like you just ate actual fruit after hitting the cart, that’s a solid indicator of a fake cartridge that you should avoid. More than likely, it’s been overcut and comes from a non-reputable manufacturer.

Cart Should Not Taste Or Smell Burnt

A burnt flavor is one of the most prominent indicators of a fake or poorly-made cartridge. These cartridges will often taste burnt or similar to metal. A metal taste usually indicates a poorly supervised process of making the carts, suggesting it’s not from a reputable supplier.

A burnt flavor can indicate an excessive amount of additives or contaminants present in the cartridge, which isn’t what you want. If your cartridge tastes burnt or metal-like despite being new, it is not a good sign. You may have picked up a fake which would also explain why you are not getting high from your cart.

It is best to avoid carts that give off red flags as such and stick to reputable sellers like Herban Bud. Buying from certified and reputable vendors is the only way to ensure your safety in smoking cartridges. Don’t risk it when it comes to fake carts vs. real carts.


If you remember these few indicators of a fake cart, you’re in a much better spot. Carts should taste as advertised but not too strongly. They also should not have a burnt taste or smell.

These signs all indicate that your cartridge is fake. Make sure you’re getting your smoking products from verified vendors such as Herban Bud to guarantee you’re getting the real deal.

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