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When it comes to making the most of your time, energy, and emotion in the bedroom, there’s nothing like a bit of sugar to sweeten the pot. A Delta 8 gummy for you and your partner (and however many partners happen to be around!) can help transform an ordinary evening into a sexually charged night you’ll never forget.

The science is clear to back up what people think they have known. Cannabis does boost sex drive, enhances orgasms, and reduces pain during sex.

Keep reading to learn how you can improve your sex life with the help of Delta 8 gummies. We’ve researched for you to help you make the best decision for your optimal experience.

Best Delta 8 Gummies for Sex

Below is a short list of what you should try for particular lovemaking results.

Keep in mind that your specific situation may vary, as many factors can play into your gummy experience. Always discuss with your partner before engaging in sexual acts while enjoying the effects of Delta 8. You should also consider the quantity and potency of your gummies before use. Our delta 9 edible dosage guide is worth reading over.

Best Delta 8 Gummies for Sex At a Glance

  • Prolonged Pleasure: Zkittlez
  • Sexual Performance: Pineapple Express
  • Emotional Closeness: Zkittlez
  • Increased Desire & Libido: Pineapple Express
  • Enhanced Sexual Experience: Pineapple Express

Timing is everything with gummies. Before you dive into foreplay, grab a couple of goodies from our site to get started. Edibles can take anywhere from half an hour to 90 minutes to kick in and peak anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the person’s size, metabolism, and daily diet. We recommend you try a gummy without engaging in sex the first time. Then, once you know how your body and mind react to the effects, you can have fun!

With some practice, you’ll be able to time it perfectly to have sex while at your peak gummy influence to achieve the best orgasms. Even better, you can experiment with sex at different times during the course of the effects.

Delta-8 THC is roughly 60% the strength of Delta-9 THC (aka marijuana), so we’ve increased the strength of our Delta-8 products so the dosages will roughly line up with what you can purchase in regulated states like Colorado or Nevada. For example, one of our 15mg Delta-8 gummies would equate to a 9mg Delta-9 gummy. In regulated markets, gummies often come in 10mg increments.

Now, let’s dive into each product to find out what’s best for your situation. We’ll start with the focus on the ladies.

Best Delta 8 Edibles for Female Arousal

Sometimes, you need something to boost your female partner’s interest. Or maybe you’re a woman and want to experience a higher sex drive toward your partner. Whatever the case, gummies can help you achieve that goal.

In general, gummies are found to be beneficial to any sexual experience across the board (we will go into this in greater detail later in the discussion). However, for women who may be held back by anxiety or insecurity, Delta 8 removes these obstacles and replaces them with positive feelings.

By heightening a natural state of calmness and receptivity to new experiences, gummies allow people to accept themselves and their partners without the mental barriers they might experience while sober.

We believe that any gummy is going to help female arousal. When a woman is relaxed and receptive, it sets the stage for a night of pleasure that both partners can enjoy with fewer issues than they might experience otherwise.

Let’s continue by looking at gummies that work for both sexes and any personality in the bedroom.

Best for Prolonged Pleasure: Zkittlez

This gummy gives you a mellow, long-lasting feeling so you can enjoy sustained pleasure. Whether you’re aiming for a quick but deep session or have all day to play, the Zkittlez will give you the effects you want so you don’t lose interest as quickly as you normally might.

Suggested Dose:

    • Mid : 15mg
    • Pro: 30mg

Best For Sexual Performance: Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express gives you a nice, calm experience to remove stress about your sexual situation. It gives a prolonged orgasm for both sexes and can also help with male sexual performance as it sustains an erection due to a lack of anxiety.

Get out of your head and experience a new space-time perception with Pineapple Express. You’ll lose yourself in the pillowy effects, and before you know it, both partners will be basking in the glow of an intense orgasm after several hours of play.

Suggested Dose:

    • Mid : 15mg
    • Pro: 30mg

Best For Emotional Closeness: Zkittlez

A sexual connection doesn’t involve just the body. It’s also one of the mind and heart. If you seek increased feelings with your lovemaking, Zkittlez is the way to go. It removes inhibitions to let you get in touch with your emotions and share them with your partner for a closeness you won’t experience as fully with other Delta 8 varieties.

Suggested Dose:

    • Mid : 15mg
    • Pro: 30mg

Note that with this strain, a 50mg dose was effective for high-tolerance users only.

Increased Desire & Libido: Pineapple Express

If you feel your libido is low, you will appreciate the increase in sexual interest with Pineapple Express. Take one about one hour before you intend to engage in play, and let it carry you away to a place of desire. You and your partner will both benefit from this one!

Suggested Dose:

    • Mid : 15mg
    • Pro: 30mg

Note that with this strain, a 50mg dose was effective for high-tolerance users only.

Enhanced Sexual Experience: Pineapple Express

For a traditional substance trip, Pineapple Express will grant you the best experience. It heightens your sensitivity to touch, smell, sight (visual arousal), taste, and hearing (aural arousal) so that you can get the most out of your steamy session.

Note that with this strain, a 50mg dose was effective for high-tolerance users only.

Why Delta 8 Gummies Improve Sex & Libido

Men and women who used cannabis before sex said it helped them relax. They also felt more sensitive to touch and felt more intense feelings for one another. Delta 8 heightens all the senses, leading to greater sexual enjoyment.

Other users said they felt a more intense emotional closeness. Both men and women also stated they felt an increase in sexual desire. All of these factors enhanced their sexual experience.

Sexual Anxiety

It’s natural to be worried about your sexual experience, especially with a new partner. You might wonder, am I good enough? Will they enjoy my body? Will I perform up to par?

The good news is, taking a gummy removes these anxieties so that you can relax and enjoy the connection to your partner instead of worrying about how you will perform towards them or be received by them.

Sex Drive

The removal of external factors (life distractions, time management, work stress) can inhibit a sexual experience. After taking a gummy these tend to melt away, allowing you to find time in the bedroom with your partner more appealing.

As emotional intensity is one effect of Delta 8, you might also engage with your partner on a higher level than simply physical. The connection this fosters drives both of you to want a repeat performance, which improves your desire towards one another over time.

Sensitivity to Touch

As with any cannabis product, heightened senses are an enjoyable effect. Sex as a sensual experience becomes more intense after you take a gummy because your touch, as well as other senses, are sharper.

Besides the obvious sense of touch, there are others that benefit from the effects of Delta 8.

  • Sight – Your visual focus will be clearer. Colors may appear more brilliant, and whatever you find enticing prior to the gummy will be extra appealing.
  • Hearing – Your aural senses will be heightened. Enjoy the sounds of your lover’s pleasure as they react to your attention and caresses.
  • Taste – Whether you use flavored lube or toys or just appreciate your partner’s natural taste, you’ll experience that at a greater level with a gummy.
  • Smell – We know that smell goes hand-in-hand with taste, so whatever you enjoy on the tongue will also provide a lovely aroma for the nose.


Often, a sustained erection is the focus of a male partner’s anxiety. Due to the calmness surrounding Delta 8 usage, sex, while under its effects, is made easier because there’s less of a chance of losing an erection.

Frequently Asked Questions

With marijuana use still illegal and/or limited in many places, it stands to reason that there’s a lot to be learned about the effects and potential of weed. But not to worry, we are here to walk you through frequently asked questions about Delta 8 and its connection with your sexual relationships.

One major caveat on the answers below is that the data available is limited. The restriction of legal marijuana at the hands of global governments has made conducting widespread studies on its effects difficult, as much experimentation on marijuana usage has been conducted beyond the bounds of the law.

Can Delta 8 make you horny?

According to survey evidence, up to half of marijuana users found that they experienced an increase in sexual desire or in being horny after using marijuana. These results are pulled from over 50,000 participants, creating a significant body of evidence to support the possibility that standard marijuana usage promotes sexual desire in some of the population.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no direct scientific evidence to cite that Delta 8 is more or less effective at making you horny than standard marijuana. We remain optimistic that further studies will be done to support the efficacy of Delta 8, in particular regarding sexual desire.

Can Delta 8 improve sex drive?

We know that marijuana usage tends to improve sexual experiences. The way it heightens the senses and removes inhibitions allows users to experience a sexual scenario without common neuroses such as anxiety, fear, or stress.

Studies suggest that marijuana can make sex twice as good in terms of orgasms and overall satisfaction. There is some evidence that Delta 8 can promote sexual function in mammals such as rats. However, the implications of this in a human system are unknown.

Can Delta 8 help with arousal?

Yes. By default, when you remove concerns such as stress, anxiety, and other distractions, it makes it easier to get turned on and/or experience a sustained hard-on to the benefit of you and your partner.

Can Delta 8 improve sexual experiences?

Yes. Through the heightened senses surrounding any sexual experience, you might enjoy your sensual session more than you normally would while sober. Both physical and emotional needs can be met easier when one or both partners are uninhibited and enjoying the effects of a gummy.

Can Delta 8 help with a female orgasm?

It’s possible that lowering anxiety can help many females reach orgasm easier than they could manage without the effects of Delta 8.

Can Delta 8 help with low libido?

Yes. There are two ways our products may help your sex drive:

  1. In any non-sexual situation, after taking a gummy, you may find that you suddenly want to have sex.
  2. While engaging in sexual experiences with your partner, most likely, you can sustain the mood longer due to the removal of external distractions.

Are there any drawbacks to using Delta 8?

In some of the rat studies cited above, Delta 8 reduced sperm count. If fertility is an aspect of increased sex drive for you, then marijuana (like any drug usage) is not recommended.


Though there is still much research to be done, it would seem that the effects of Delta 8 are beneficial to sexual interest, wellness, and experimentation. By lowering inhibitions and increasing sensual interaction, the entire process of sexual desire and engagement can improve after taking Delta 8.

We invite you to peruse our selection of products meant for all genders and sexual interests. You’re sure to find something that will liven your experience. Before you know it, you might make gummies a regular part of your sexual routine.

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