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Delta 9 THC edibles can get you higher than vaping or smoking. However, they take more time to work (1). The length of time it takes for a Delta 9 gummy to get you high depends on weight, metabolism, gender, and eating habits (1). Factor in tolerance level and this is the greatest reason that some newcomers to the edibles space unintentionally consume a dosage higher than they can handle (2).

How Many Delta 9 Gummies To Get High?

Beginners can get high with a small dose as their body gets used to the chemicals in the Delta 9 gummies. This can mean getting high on possibly one to two gummies.

Every brand has a different amount of THC in each Delta 9 edible. For example, our Herban Bud products have 15 mg of THC per gummy. As you build a tolerance for the product, larger doses will induce the effects of feeling high, euphoric, and relaxed.

Here is a quick guide on proper dosage based on experience level:

  • First-time dose user: Those who have never consumed a Delta 9 edible should not exceed a 1 – 2.5 milligrams doser
  • Beginner with low tolerance: 3 – 5 mg
  • Intermediate tolerance: 10 – 25 mg
  • Advanced user with high tolerance: 30 – 90 mg
  • Heavy Dose: 100 mg

Delta 9 Edible Dosage Chart

Here is a Delta 9 edible dosage chart to follow based on personal experience with edibles. Beginners should not consume more than 5 milligrams at a time because it can make for an uncomfortable experience. This is why the first-time dosage is under 2.5 milligrams.

Once you have had Delta 9 edibles at least about 10 to 15 times or whenever you are comfortable with the five-milligram dosage experience, you can move on to the intermediate dosage of 10 to 25 mg.

The most experienced Delta 9 edibles users can push the limits and have 100 mg spread out throughout the day if they want to take their euphoric feelings to new heights. Beginners should stay away from this dosage for Delta 9 experts because you will feel skittish and frantic because of its chemical influences on your brain.

1 – 2.5First time
3 – 5Beginner/ Recreational with low tolerance
10 – 25Intermediate
30 – 90Advanced user/ high tolerance
100Highly experienced

How to Dose Delta 9 Edibles

Decide your dose according to experience and overall tolerance level. Refer to the chart above and the information below for more background.

How Much D9 Edible You Should Take as a First-Time Dose

First-time users should start low and go slow. For many people, up to 2.5 mg is more than enough (1). Once you are in a legalized state and are of age, a microdose is ideal for your first Δ9 edible experience.

Everyone is not the same. Effects can vary for each person. Starting on a low dose and gradually increasing mg is a good idea. Be patient. Since smoking hits faster, people assume the gummies are not working.

This is the difficulty with dose titration (max benefit without unwanted effects) and edibles (2) and why people consume far more than they intended. Misunderstanding the delayed effects of edible products is the reason for the majority of healthcare visits due to cannabis intoxication(3).

Write Down the Time You Consumed the Dosage

Especially as a beginner, note what time you consumed and the corresponding dosage amount. Time can feel like it passes super slowly, so keep track of dosage times.

Document your dosages in a journal by your bedside. Alternatively, you can track them with a virtual note on your smartphone. Include the date, time, and dose.

Beginners: Start With a Lower Tolerance Dose

The best approach for beginners is to gradually up-titrate. This means slowly building up your ideal dose. A key reason is you will eventually find your effective dose. It is the best way of arriving at the sweet spot. One study showed that low doses of up to 7.5 mg have calming and relaxing results for recreational users (4).

Intermediate Tolerance Dose

Perhaps you do not feel the effects of a 7.5mg Delta 9 dosage. You could now start trying 10 – 25mg. This medium dose may let you hit the head high you wish. Studies have shown people build up high tolerances and enjoy a daily dose of 50mg or more (5).

Herban Bud makes it easy to control your Delta 9 gummy dosages. Each gummy has 15 mg of Delta 9 with 10 gummies per bag no matter what flavor you choose. Lemon Drop and Cherry Pie are our top two flavors.

Try the Herban Bud Delta 9 five-pack bundle that features Lemon Drop, Cherry Pie, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Orange Mango. Get a sweet, fruity flavor to accompany your Delta 9 edible experience. Sampling all five flavors can help you find which flavor you love the most.


Advanced Users Can Take a Higher Tolerance Dose

Taking between 30 to 90 mg of THC edibles is a high dosage. THC edibles users with at least six months to a year’s experience with the product can move forward with these higher dosages.

The Heavy Dose

Large doses measuring 100 mg or more are for highly experienced Delta 9 edible consumers. A year or two of edibles experience is suggested for moving on to this tier.

Delta 8 vs Delta 9 Edible Dosage

If you are thinking about starting a new experience with Delta 9 and you are already an avid Delta 8 user, you have the training necessary for the transition already.

Delta 8 edibles have 50% of the potency of Delta 9 (This of course will be different between Delta 8 gummies vs vape and vice versa). Hence, 20 mg of Delta 8 would equal 10 mg of Delta 9. Increasing the dose to 25 mg could still give the same effects as a 10 mg Delta 9 dosage because it is still close to the same potency. Therefore, the milligrams of a Delta 9 dose can be comparable to that of half those milligrams for a Delta 8 dose.

Because they are both THC products that affect the same receptors in your brain, there is a cross-tolerance that can happen for Delta 8 and Delta 9 users. One Reddit user stated that Delta 8 has about the same taste as Delta 9, but Delta 8 contains other cannabinoids that mimic the effects of Delta 9 without being as strong.

Experienced D8 Edibles User But Never Tried D9

If you have never tried Delta 9 gummies, but have experience consuming Delta 8 edibles, the best advice is to cut the dose of Delta 8 in half when taking Delta 9. If you prefer a 40 mg dose of Delta 8, then the dose for your first Delta 9 edibles experience should be 20 mg because it has double the potency of Delta 8.

As an experienced Delta 8 user, you can safely start with 10-30 mg of Delta 9 for an equally euphoric experience without going overboard. Start with 20 mg to 30 mg of Delta 9 to gauge how your body feels compared to your usual Delta 8 doses.

If you are a heavy weed smoker and have never used edibles, take it slowly. Since edibles are much more potent than smoking or vaping weed, take precautions to consume small edibles doses at a time to not go overboard. The same amount of weed that you smoke in a pre-roll will affect you differently than the THC dosage in edible gummies.

How Long Do Delta-9 Gummies Take to Work?

Edibles take 30 to 90 minutes to effect and do not peak until 2 – 4 hours after ingestion (6).

Heavy smoker but never used edibles ←- But we have found that it takes up to two hours.

Why Isn’t Your Edible Working?

There could be a couple of reasons that your edible is not working. Delta 9 gummies all have different time frames in which the effects show up in as little as 30 minutes or even as long as 90 minutes.

After taking your Delta 9 gummy dose, time for 90 minutes to see if you feel anything. If so, you are on the right track for the ideal dosage for you. If not, you may have to increase your dosage to feel the effects.

Note your dosage and see if you felt a peak in your effects by the four-hour mark. If not, then it’s time to try a slightly higher dose and reevaluate the effects from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Delta 9.

How many milligrams of edibles should a lightweight smoker take?

A lightweight smoker should try an mg amount at the bottom of the low tolerance range. Begin with 3-4 mg until you hit your effective dose.

What’s a good dosage of Delta 9 THC in an edible for a heavy/regular smoker?

Smoking cannabis has a transient effect. It hits quickly and fades fast. Edibles hit slowly and last longer. A good dosage would be at the top of the low tolerance range of up to 7.5mg. If the edible does not affect you after 4 hours, then you could consider increasing the dosage.

How much THC is in delta 9?

Delta 9 contains 100% THC. However, the Farm Bill of 2018 states that for a Delta 8, Delta 9, or other THC edible to be legalized for selling on the market, it cannot contain any more than 0.3% of THC as determined through dry weight. Our Herban Bud products comply with the Farm Bill so that they are legally safe for consumption.

Is five mg of Delta 9 enough?

Five mg is a good amount for someone with low tolerance or a recreational user. If it is your first time trying any kind of cannabis (smoking, vaping, edibles, tincture) then a microdose of 1 – 2.5mg would be better. If you have more experience 5-7.5 mg is ideal for a recreational user. (4)

Do Delta 9 gummies get you high?

Delta 9 gummies have been scientifically proven to get you high. (6) How high you get depends on several factors including tolerance, height, weight, and eating habits.

How many Delta 9 gummies can I take?

Consider your tolerance level and the milligrams in the edible you have purchased. If you have low tolerance then a gummy with three to five milligrams would be an effective dose.

How long does delta 9 get you high for?

Delta 9 gummies can work as quickly as 30 minutes. The high can peak as soon as 2 hours after consumption. Time to high varies from person to person with some reporting peak highs 4 hours after consumption. (6)

Why are Delta-9 THC edibles so strong?

Delta 9 THC edibles are becoming more easily accessible because they are legalized in most states throughout the country. One study from CBD Oracle discovered that some companies are not letting on to how strong their Delta 9 edibles are with some of them being almost four times as potent as what they state on the package.

Are Delta 9 THC gummies safe?

Delta 9 THC gummies are safe. However, you should only take dosages that you are comfortable consuming. Do not go over the recommended dosage amount on the package to stay safe because some of the short-term side effects of consuming Delta 9 could become worse.

How long do the effects of a Delta 9 edible last?

You can experience a peak in effects in about four hours. Depending on your dosage, Delta 9 edible effects can last six to 12 hours or even more. For example, doses of about 10 mg to 30 mg can last for about six hours or less. If you take more than 40 mg, expect the effects to last longer than six hours.

Can you overdose on Delta 9 edibles?

Cannabis intoxication is possible if you are not careful with how much you consume. Starting with 10 mg is an optimal dose before increasing to higher doses as your body becomes more accustomed to the edible’s effects. Be sure to always read the labels products to consume them safely without overdosing.

Each gummy contains 15 mg of Delta 9 THC. First-time users should opt for half of a gummy to gauge their reaction. Intermediate users can eat two to three gummies in one sitting. Expert users may be able to consume about four to five gummies in a dose. Do not attempt to eat an entire pack of Herban Bud Delta 9 gummies in a day which equates to a 150 mg THC dosage.

How long does it take for weed edibles to wear off completely?

Consuming weed edibles means the effects will last longer than vaping or smoking it instead. It can take upwards of six or more hours for the effects of Delta 9 gummies to wear off completely. It also depends on your method of consumption be is chocolate edibles vs gummies or even capsules.

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