Delta 8 Gummies vs. Vape: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Do you want to get high faster and sober up quickly, or do you have time to bask in your elevated state? Do prefer a long-lasting high that you will feel for hours and hits you with a potent punch?

All of these experiences are accessible, but you have to choose the correct consumption method for your goals. While edibles and vapes both consist of THC, the way the high hits you and how you feel can differ substantially.

If you’re unsure if edibles or vapes are better for you, you can read a comprehensive comparison in this article. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand the differences between Delta-8 edibles and Delta-8 vapes.

D8 Edibles vs. Vapes at a Glance

For a quick understanding of edibles versus vapes, you can refer to the summarized information in the table below.

High duration Time to peak Speed of high flavors
Vape 1 – 2 hours 15 minutes Fast Large variety
Edible 4 – 6 hours 2 – 4 hours Slow Large variety

Advantages of Delta-8 Edibles

For many, edibles are the more comfortable option, as the sensory experience is pleasant and familiar, and irritability is low. Some people also prefer the high Delta-8 edibles deliver, which is one of the top advantages of selecting edibles over a vape.

D8 Edibles Have Longer-Lasting High Than Vapes

One of the top advantages of Delta-8 gummies is their long-lasting effects. A high from vaping can start to subside in as little as an hour, while edibles tend to keep you high for over two hours. For this reason, edibles are ideal if you have a long event ahead of you that you want to be high for, like a flight or a stressful family outing.

D8 Gummies Are Healthier for You Than Vaping

Consuming edibles eliminates all respiratory risks, meaning no irritation to your lungs. If your lung health is of concern then gummies and edibles will always be the safer option. Whether you have lung problems or want to avoid developing any in the future, you can use gummies and edibles with confidence.

Easy to Use and Discreet

Gummies are odorless, so there is no lingering smell on your fingers, breath, or clothes. They look just like regular gummies, so they are discreet too! You can carry them around with you and no one will ever know. You can eat them in front of people without giving your THC consumption away; have an excuse just in case they ask you to share! While vapes are discreet, the vapor and momentary smell may not be secretive enough for everyone. But nothing is more subtle and inconspicuous than a gummy.

Edibles Can Be Stronger Than Vapes (Maybe)

While the THC dosage may not be higher, anecdotally, most people consider edibles to be more potent than vapes. This opinion is likely due to how the edibles break down in your system and the way the high comes on strongly over time. You also usually get more THC from a single gummy or chocolate square compared to one vape hit.

Taste and Texture

With gummies, you get to taste the flavor and enjoy the chewy texture, while vapes only offer a subtle hint of flavor. Many people enjoy gummies and other edibles because it’s an elevated sensory experience in your mouth, which can be more pleasant. In our article the best delta 8 gummies for sex we discussed how they can lead to an enhanced sexual experience. Smoking can make people uncomfortable while chewing and swallowing an edible is a more familiar and acceptable experience.

Disadvantages of Delta-8 Edibles

However, edibles are not the right choice for all cannabis consumers. Before settling on taking edibles, ensure you consider the disadvantages mentioned below. For some, Delta-8 edibles can be overwhelming and the delayed gratification can be less desirable.

Harder to Find the Ideal Dose

The feedback loop with vapes is fast. You can feel the effects in as little as 100 seconds, giving you immediate satisfaction. Once you pass the peak you will have a very good idea of how much you can consume the next time. This is not the case for edibles. Edibles take much longer to kick in, so it’s easy to take too much by misunderstanding the time frame. You may pop an extra two or three gummies thinking the first dose wasn’t enough, leading to an uncomfortable high. Edibles also deliver a different kind of high, usually making you sleepier and hazier if you don’t dose correctly.

Risk of Cannabis Intoxication

Both new and experienced users have reported accidentally taking too many gummies. Vapes hit quickly so this is a non-issue, as people can gauge the effects immediately and either keep vaping or stop. The long delay of the high from edibles can make people think they aren’t working, causing them to take too much trying to get high. This confusion can lead to cannabis intoxication, which is a mild but still unpleasant situation.

Advantages of Delta-8 Vapes

It’s easy to see the advantages of choosing vapes. They are discreet, effective, and offer a similar experience to smoking cannabis flower or taking a dab of wax, which is many cannabis users’ preferred method of consumption.

D8 Vapes Get You High Quickly

Unlike edibles, Delta-8 vapes give you an almost instantaneous high. This immediate satisfaction is preferable for many people, especially if they want to get high at that moment. On the other hand, edibles make you wait longer for the payoff. The fast high makes it easier for people to monitor the effects so they can continue smoking (or not) accordingly based on how they feel.

Great Taste and Selection of flavors

Some people may not enjoy vapes because of the lack of flavor, but Delta-8 vape carts come in a wide variety of flavors! The selection of flavors makes the vaping experience more enjoyable, allowing you to switch up your flavor choices to keep things fresh. A few of the best Delta-8 vape flavors and strains include Apple Fritter, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Pineapple Express, Wedding Cake, Watermelon OG, and Cotton Kandy Kush. But this list is a fraction of the options available!

Perfect for a Discreet User

Like edibles, vapes are also a discreet way of consuming THC. Vape smoke does not smell or linger in the air the way smoke from toking with flower does. You can easily run to the bathroom and hit the vape without anyone knowing, or just saunter off to a quiet corner for a quick puff. If you have the lung capacity and are practiced enough, you can even hold in a hit long enough for the vapor to dissipate before it leaves your mouth or nose.

Vapes Are Easier to Dose

Vapes can be easier to dose appropriately because you feel the effect quicker. It may be hard to determine how high you will feel after one edible, but you can assess the effects immediately after hitting a vape. They also come in various sizes, whereas edibles have limited dosing.

They Are Long-Lasting

Edibles are easy to eat quickly only to realize your stash is now empty. But vapes often cost around the same but last substantially longer. The rate at which you finish a vape cartridge or disposable vape will depend on how often you hit the vape and how long your pulls are.

But on average, a one-gram cartridge will last for 300 seconds, which is five minutes. It may sound short, but considering the average hit is one to four seconds, it’s a lot of time. Even if you consistently hit the vape throughout the day, a one-gram cart should last at least one week.

Disadvantages of Delta-8 Vapes

Chewing an edible is more comfortable for most people, especially cannabis users who are not accustomed to smoking. Along with the immediacy of the effects, the irritation smoking can cause results in a few disadvantages to be aware of when you choose a vape over an edible.

Delta-8 Vape Head High Peaks Sooner

After you hit a vape, you can expect to reach the peak high after about 30 minutes. After that, the high will begin to fade and likely be gone within two hours. But edibles can keep you high for over three hours, even though they take longer to kick in.

Lung Irritability

As mentioned, edibles do not affect your lungs, so there won’t be any coughing or breathing discomfort. But with vapes, they can tickle your throat, cause you to cough, or weigh heavily on your lungs making breathing more uncomfortable. Most people find vapes to be gentle enough on their lungs and throat, but others find vapes unpleasant for this reason.


Keep reading for frequently asked questions about choosing Delta-8 edibles over Delta-8 vapes and vice versa.

Are Delta 8 edibles stronger than vapes?

The true potency of any cannabis product will come down to the dosage. Edibles are easy to dose specifically and accurately while dosing precisely with a vape is tougher. For this reason, people often feel edibles deliver a stronger effect, and they definitely last longer.

Technically speaking, neither Delta-8 product is stronger than the other, but anecdotally, edibles have a stronger effect. If you’re not an experienced cannabis user, edibles will likely hit you harder, while one or two puffs from a Delta-8 vape will feel more manageable.

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