3 Best HHC Prerolls 2023

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HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in hemp plants. In terms of molecular structure, one of the most notable aspects of this cannabinoid is its additional hydrogen molecule.

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9 THC, but its physical and mental effects are strikingly similar. Unlike many types of THC products, HHC pre-rolls are legal for purchase and daytime consumption.

Because HHC (sometimes called HHC-O) produces a similar body high and feeling of well-being to full-spectrum cannabis (with slightly less potency), it could be an excellent alternative for those unable or unwilling to obtain medical or recreational cannabis.

Top 3 Best HHC Pre Rolls 2023

  • HHC Watermelon OG
  • HHC Strawberry Cough
  • HHC Peaches & Cream
Strain HHC (mg) Terpene High Taste Potency
Watermelon OG 206mg Sativa Cerebral, uplifting, stress-reducing, euphoric Peach, sugar; sweet and floral notes High (Strongest available in the USA)
Strawberry Cough 206mg Sativa-dominant hybrid Mellow, couchlock high, weightless Fresh berries, candy, watermelon High (Strongest available in the USA)
Peaches & Cream 206mg Indica Euphoric Fresh strawberries, berry flavors High (Strongest available in the USA)

HHC Watermelon OG

Are you looking for the best HHC prerolls? If so, you might want to start with the HHC Watermelon OG HHC joint.

This flavorful one-gram pre-roll consists of Super Haze CBD bud covered in cannabis-derived Sativa terpenes and HHC distillate.

The strongest effects of this pre-roll are distinctly uplifting and cerebral, making for an enjoyable mind and body high that’s similar to what you find with standard Sativa cannabis strains.

But let’s review the most crucial information about these HHC prerolls to discover more about Watermelon OG.

Strain Taste & Flavor

The first note you’ll taste when inhaling an HHC Watermelon OG pre-roll is sharp, bright, juicy watermelon.

But this isn’t the only flavor you’ll experience, as these one-gram pre-rolls also have notes of candy, sugar, and fresh berries. Overall, the flavor lived up to the Watermelon OG (also called Watermelon or Watermelon Kush) strain’s reputation.

Smoking Experience

The experience of smoking Watermelon OG HHC pre-rolls was quite interesting.

On the one hand, the effects were euphoric and uplifting, resulting in a high that was mentally soothing and simultaneously joyful and exciting.

But the effects of this pre-roll weren’t limited to cerebral sensations, as this strain also relaxed every muscle, producing a weightlessness that was unbelievably comfortable.

High Experience

The HHC Watermelon OG pre-rolls had us stuck to the sofa, but the mellow effects and mild weightlessness ensured that we didn’t mind. If you’re looking for a solid couchlock high that leaves you feeling relaxed, this option could be the right choice.

Roll Quality

You won’t need to invest in additional papers to enjoy HHC Watermelon OG pre-rolls. That’s because each of these HHC joints is tightly and professionally rolled, resulting in a firm pull and even burn that makes each smoking experience enjoyable.


Many HHC pre-rolls don’t have a listed milligram measurement of the HHC they contain. But HHC Watermelon OG pre-rolls contain 206mg of HHC. Overall, they’re the most potent HHC joints available.


The excellent pre-rolls were manufactured in hygienic facilities. They consist of organic Super Haze CBD hemp, ensuring that consumers aren’t exposed to potentially toxic pesticides.

Lab Testing

The Watermelon OG HHC Pre-Rolls were tested by third-party lab Marin Analytics, LLC, a lab facility registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). You can access those lab results now for a comprehensive look at this product’s cannabinoid yield.

HHC Strawberry Cough

Those looking for a new take on Sativa-like HHC pre-rolls might want to experience the fruity, sugary bliss of HHC Strawberry Cough.

This Super Haze CBD flower is showered in Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis terpenes, resulting in an experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and mellow.

Besides, the candy-like taste of this pre-roll is perfectly complemented by the taste of fresh berries, so you’ll savor each inhale as you gently melt the couch. Still, before you invest in these HHC prerolls, it’s crucial to take a closer look.

Strain Taste & Flavor

The taste of these high-quality pre-rolls made them an immediate favorite, as each draw elicited flavors of fresh strawberries, sugar, and candied berries.

This combination of sweet strawberry flavor was heightened by punchy watermelon notes, making each inhale more enjoyable than the last. In short, this pre-roll tasted exactly as advertised by the name.

Smoking Experience

After smoking a single one-gram HHC Strawberry Cough pre-roll, the most noticeable sensation was expansion.

Not only did this HHC joint elicit a feeling of expanded consciousness and mental euphoria, but it also produced a similar physical sensation of slowing, pleasantly expanding.

High Experience

We found that the Strawberry Cough HHC pre-rolls produced the most stress-relieving high of any of the HHC joints we tested.

These pre-rolls also produced a distinct cerebral high that was both euphoric and calming. In the future, we’ll likely choose these pre-rolls to help reduce stress levels and achieve a more enlightened state of mind.

Roll Quality

One of the best aspects of the HHC Strawberry Cough pre-rolls is their roll quality. These HHC joints are tight and firm, making each pull easier and resulting in an even burn. Each one is professionally rolled, so there’s no need to use additional papers.


HHC Strawberry Cough pre-rolls contain 206mg of HHC. These pre-rolls are the strongest available in the United States.


The pre-rolls were manufactured in hygienic facilities. They consist of organic Super Haze CBD hemp flower, ensuring that consumers aren’t exposed to potentially toxic pesticides.

Lab Testing

The Strawberry Cough HHC Pre-Rolls were tested by third-party lab Marin Analytics, LLC, a lab facility registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). You can access those lab results now for a comprehensive look at this product’s cannabinoid yield.

HHC Peaches & Cream

One of the best aspects of HHC Peaches & Cream pre-rolls (apart from the pleasant strawberry flavor) is the euphoric feeling they can impart. Coated in terpenes from Indica cannabis, Peaches & Cream HHC pre-rolls are a fantastic choice for recreational enjoyment.

Explore further to discover exactly what to expect from these potent HHC joints.

Strain Taste & Flavor

Of all the HHC pre-rolls we tested and compared, the Peaches & Cream HHC pre-rolls had the most complex flavor profile. The initial taste was rich with strong fruity notes but with sweet and floral base notes.

The exhaled smoke had a tangy peach aroma, leaving a slightly fermented smell reminiscent of peach tea or freshly prepared peach jam.

Smoking Experience

The immediate fruity flavor of HHC Peaches & Cream pre-rolls mellows out into mellow vanilla with each exhale. Overall, the experience of smoking these HHC joints was satisfying and palatable, leaving zero unpleasant tastes.

High Experience

Because HHC Peaches & Cream pre-rolls are infused with Indica terpenes, they produce a distinctly euphoric high that becomes more noticeable over time. The slower onset of this sensation makes these pre-rolls a great choice for weekends and non-work days.

Roll Quality

In terms of roll quality, finding a tighter or more professionally rolled HHC joint is challenging. The HHC Peaches & Cream pre-rolls burn evenly, are easy to pull, and don’t fall apart halfway through, thanks to their superior roll quality.


HHC Peaches & Cream pre-rolls contain 206mg of HHC. This comparatively high quantity makes them some of the most potent HHC pre-rolls available.


The pre-rolls were manufactured in hygienic facilities. They consist of organic Super Haze CBD hemp, ensuring that consumers aren’t exposed to potentially toxic pesticides.

Lab Testing

The Peaches & Cream HHC Pre-Rolls were tested by third-party lab Marin Analytics, LLC, a lab facility registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). You can access those lab results now for a comprehensive look at this amazing product’s cannabinoid yield.

How We Choose the Best HHC Prerolls

We didn’t simply select options from a hat when selecting the best HHC prerolls of 2022. Instead, we tested and compared several varieties, noting the:

  • Taste
  • High experience
  • Roll quality
  • Smoking experience
  • Potency
  • Production method
  • Lab testing results

After comparing dozens of options based on these factors, we were able to tabulate the top contenders: Watermelon OG, Strawberry Cough, and Peaches & Cream.

Let’s delve deeper into the qualities we examined to explain the selection process.

Taste / Flavor

Even the most potent HHC pre-rolls can be a no-go if they don’t taste good. Besides, the first things you’ll notice when inhaling from an HHC pre-roll are taste and flavor, which is why these were the first aspects we considered when comparing HHC pre-rolls. When your pre-filled cone does taste or smell as advertised you could have picked up a fake pre-roll.

High Experience

Naturally, one of the most crucial aspects of any HHC pre-roll is the “high” experience. Weaker, lower milligram pre-rolls ranked low in this category due to their substandard euphoric effects, whereas higher milligram options did exceedingly well in producing a notable and long-lasting sensation.

Roll Quality

There’s almost nothing more disappointing than sliding an HHC pre-roll out of its tube and finding that the paper has unrolled itself.

A loosely rolled HHC joint is an instant failure, as it won’t be able to hold its shape and provide a satisfying smoking experience. Consequently, we also judged pre-rolls based on roll quality (tightness, holding power, and paper quality).

Smoking Experience

Taste and roll quality significantly impact the smoking experience, but there are other factors to consider.

For example, pre-rolls that developed runs (burn lines along the joint) or failed to pull properly (collecting smoke inside) resulted in a greatly diminished experience.

The HHC pre-rolls that burned evenly, enjoyed a solid pull, and produced potent effects tended to score far more points in this category.


Low-potency HHC pre-rolls generally ranked low during our comparison and testing process. That’s because they offered a lackluster experience and minimal effects, almost defeating the purpose of smoking HHC pre-rolls.

How It Was Produced

When deciding the best HHC prerolls, it’s essential to consider production methods and standards. Non-organic materials (like CBD flower sprayed with pesticides) can ruin an otherwise satisfying smoking experience.

Our top picks feature organic CBD bud and distillate made in hygienic, reputable facilities. Some of the top qualities we looked for include:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

We also judged each option by manufacturing transparency, namely whether there were third-party lab results available showing the precise cannabinoid percentages in each pre-roll.

Lab Testing

In addition to production methods and manufacturing quality, it’s crucial to consider lab testing results.

Lab tests conducted by third-party sources are the most reliable and ethical source of detailed information concerning HHC pre-rolls. Flower products that lacked such results were immediately removed from our ranking system.


Below, you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) and HHC pre-rolls.

What is HHC?

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants.

It’s one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found in these plants, and like THC (and its many varieties), HHC is capable of producing a feeling of being “high.” However, this sensation is less intense than the one experienced after consuming or smoking THC.

What is an HHC Pre-Roll?

An HHC pre-roll is a joint-like product containing CBD flower (also called bud) infused with HHC distillate and cannabis terpenes. It’s a convenient alternative to loose HHC flowers, as it’s pre-rolled (hence the name) for immediate use.

Does HHC get you high?

HHC pre-rolls can produce an effect similar to the one you’d experience after smoking delta-9 THC pre-rolls. But this feeling of being “high” is slightly less intense with HHC than with THC-based products.

Is HHC legal?

HHC derived from hemp containing 0.3% THC or less is legal throughout the United States.

Is HHC safe?

Though HHC products haven’t yet received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there haven’t been any reported injuries, fatalities, or adverse effects associated with HHC use.

HHC pre-rolls made by reputable manufacturers and retailers are considered the safest options. Consumers should always look for third-party lab testing results when selecting a high-quality and safe HHC product.


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