Why Are Pre-Rolls Cheaper Than Flower?

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Pre-rolls generally cost less than buying flower. If you wonder why pre-rolls are cheaper than flower, most dispensaries do not use the highest grade of flower they have to make their pre-rolls. Suppliers offer pre-rolls for clients on every budget. You can buy pre-rolls starting at a few dollars, up to twenty dollars, depending on your preferred size and quality.

Signs of a Cheap Pre-Roll

If you are trying pre-rolls for the first time, there are a few things you should look for regarding quality.


A cheap pre-roll will have very little taste when you first light it. You will experience an awful aftertaste when you finish your pre-roll.

You can determine the taste of your pre-roll by taking a hit without your blunt being lit. If you experience a good flavor, it should taste the same when burning.

How It Burns

You will often see uneven burning in lower-quality pre-rolls. Joints can burn more quickly on one side, which can be very frustrating. Uneven burning can happen for various reasons, from the ground flower being too compact to moisture pockets.


You wouldn’t think the type of ash would be important, but it can indicate whether you have a cheap or a high-quality pre-roll. The best pre-rolls will have fluffy light grey to white ash, and the fluffy ash suggests that the suppliers have adequately cured the cannabis.

Does It Extinguish Often?

When you are smoking a pre-roll, and it goes out suddenly, there could be a problem with a cure. It generally means that the flower is too moist to maintain a consistent burn.

Missing Ring

A cheap pre-roll will not have an oil ring below the joint’s tip. Higher-quality pre-rolls have a circle of oil caused by the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cheaper pre-rolls will not have cannabinoids to create this ring.

Trim and Shake

Dispensaries will often use other plant materials besides flower to fill up their pre-rolls so they can offer them at a discounted price. Some dispensaries make pre-rolls with shake, which is the loose flower left at the bottom of the jar. Sometimes, they use trim or ground sugar leaves to plump up the pre-rolls.

Pre-Rolls Are Often Made With Lower Quality Flower

Common sense dictates that when dispensaries use a lower-quality flower to make their pre-rolls, they are able to sell them for a lower price. Like any other business, affordable prices on an excellent product bring in customers.

Multi-Strain Pre-Rolls

Dispensaries don’t let any leftover cannabis go to waste, and they will combine multiple strains of excess cannabis to make pre-rolls. These joints made from an assortment of cannabis strains will fetch a much lower price than pre-rolls made with one specific strain.

Pre-rolls made with a combination of strains can still deliver a pleasurable effect for customers.

Pre-Rolls Made From Unsold Cannabis

Dispensaries may have flower that they can’t sell, and they will use this flower to make the pre-rolls. They may want to replace a less popular flower with one that sells much better. The dispensary will sometimes absorb the cost of the rolling papers and tips so they can offer the pre-rolls at a discounted price.

The unsold cannabis does not mean that it is a lower-grade flower; it simply means that clients may not be familiar with the strain.

Are There Fake Pre-Rolls?

You can buy fake pre-rolls that will have no effect when you smoke them. It might taste great, but there doesn’t seem to be any kick. Some dispensaries may use stems and sticks but no flower bud or not enough flower bud.

There are some brands of pre-rolls that are counterfeited and can make you ill.

What Should Clients Look For in a Quality Pre-Roll?

Those who want to invest in a high-quality pre-roll should consider several things. You want to get the best experience from your pre-roll. At Herbanbud, we take great pride in our transparent pre-roll process.

We encourage our clients to look for the following:

  • Quality flower
  • No Shake or Trim
  • Sturdy tube
  • Resealable tubes
  • Farm Bill Compliance

We offer Delta-8 pre-rolls and HHC pre-rolls in packs of 2 at an affordable price. Each brand comes in a variety of strains.

Herbanbud guarantees that all of their pre-rolls deliver excellent taste and potency.

Should I Buy Pre-Rolls or Roll My Own Joint?

There are pros and cons to buying pre-rolls and rolling your joints. Clients must decide what works best for them.


Pre-rolls are convenient and affordable, which appeals to many clients. A quick trip to the dispensary, and you are ready to enjoy.

People who do not want to roll their joints or need to learn how to roll them will enjoy pre-rolls. Clients who cannot roll joints due to health issues like arthritis appreciate pre-rolls convenience. Pre-rolls are much more convenient when you gift them or buy them before going to a friend’s house.

Rolling Your Own

Some people prefer rolling their own joints because they have strong preferences regarding the rolling papers they use. You may want a specific strain of cannabis in your joint that you cannot find in the pre-rolls at your favorite dispensary.

Some people like rolling their joints because they can decide on the size of the joint. You have more freedom to create your perfect blend. You can experiment with the tightness of the roll, which will determine the burn of your joint

Whether you want to try some pre-rolls or buy some flowers, Herban Bud has everything you need for a fantastic experience. You may want to try a little of both. You can have some pre-rolls for when you are going out, and you can roll your joints while relaxing at home. I you would like to find out more about the cost of weed products we created an article breaking down vape vs flower cost.

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