High THCa Pre-Roll

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There’s happiness inside this tube.

(Actually, there’s a joint packed with premium, high THCa flower. But they’re basically the same thing.)

THCa (or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a naturally occuring cannabinoid. This special variant was selectively bred to maximize the THCa content and minimize Delta-9 THC (in order to still be legal in Texas).

When you light up this hefty joint, all that THCa will convert to Delta-9 THC, creating a buzz for the smoker similar to full-spectrum cannabis. But with under 0.3% of THC in the inert flower, this hemp is Farm Bill compliant and federally LEGAL!

This THCa joint comes in a protective plastic tube so it will be safe in your pocket or purse.


What’s Inside

Each doob tube includes one pre-rolled joint packed with one gram of high THCa flower.

With its high THCa content, new smokers should use with caution.

Always buy THCa products from trustworthy brands that share their Certificate of Analysis!


1 Gram 100% High-THCa Hemp Flower