THCa Diamonds


THCa DiamondsBiscotti

Diamonds are a bud’s best friend. Especially these diamonds.

THCa Diamonds are crystal-like structures of nearly pure THCa extract, leaving most other cannabinoids behind. With over 98% THCa content, Diamonds are ideal for users who want a clean, great-taste experience.

THCa affects each user differently, but many report a powerful and heady effect.

These Diamonds are manufactured by Herban Bud but sold under the luxury cannabis brand Cali Green Gold.

Always buy THCa products from trustworthy brands that share their Certificate of Analysis!


Additional information

Weight 2.85719 oz

How to Use

THCa must be exposed to heat in order to convert to Delta-9 THC.

A dab rig is the most effective way of consuming THCa Diamonds, as the resulting vapor is evenly dosed and won’t evaporate into the air.

You can also crush Diamonds and mix them with flower to use in a joint or bong for added potency.


Crystallized THCa Concentrate, Cannabis-Derived Terpenes, Assorted Cannabinoids