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Not Getting High From Carts? Here’s The Reason & Solution

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Why Am I Not Getting High From Carts?

Have you wondered, “Why am I not getting high from carts?” If so, you may need a tolerance break. Heavy users can build a tolerance to THC, making it harder to get as high as you want with carts alone.

Another reason you aren’t getting as high as you should be could be the quality of your cart. If the cartridge is low quality or not dispensary-verified, the potency of the effects will be lower.

Regardless of the reason, some solutions can help you hit that high again.

Reasons Why You Can’t Get High Off Carts

Many consistent weed smokers eventually run into this issue, but luckily, it’s an easy fix! Many users will have a high tolerance to a type of THC consumption, such as smoking carts.

In other cases, users buy non-trustworthy products from shady suppliers and receive faulty or low-quality carts.

THC Tolerance Level

Your tolerance might have risen if you aren’t getting high off of carts anymore or the high feels weaker. According to the National Center for Biotechnological Information, users who consume high doses frequently are more likely to build a cannabis tolerance.

Frequent cannabis smokers are likely to develop a tolerance to the psychoactive effects of marijuana. It’s best to slow down your consumption, smoke less often, or switch methods of THC to prevent your tolerance levels from rising. The best way to lower THC tolerance is to take a t-break.

Are the Milligrams Too Low?

So, why am I not getting high? Well, there’s a possibility that you aren’t smoking enough actual THC, whether it’s due to a low THC% cart or something else. Most reputable cartridges are above 70% THC, with high-quality cartridges at around 90% THC.

If you’re smoking a low-quality or non-reputable cart, there’s a good chance that there simply isn’t a lot of THC in the cart. Therefore, you will have to smoke more of the cart to get the same amount of THC as a quality cart.

Buy Your Carts From a Trusted Supplier

Buying your THC carts from a trusted supplier like Herban Bud is a convenient way to ensure you only smoke trusted products. Trusted suppliers like Herban Bud will always have authentic lab results for all of their products, guaranteeing that you know exactly what’s going inside the carts you’re smoking.

You can see exactly how much THC is in the product you’re smoking, allowing you to be sure that you aren’t consuming anything dangerous. It’s essential to be able to tell the difference between fake carts vs. real carts, and the easiest way to do so is to buy from reputable dealers.

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Is Your Cartridge Fake?

Especially in the United States, the black market for THC carts is enormous. Many cartridges come from non-certified and non-reputable suppliers. If your cart is not from a licensed, official dispensary, it may be fake, and you should not trust it. Not only will fake pre-rolls or carts not get you high, but they might also make you sick.Fake carts can contain hazardous drugs that “cut” the cart. You should never smoke a cart that doesn’t come from a licensed dispensary or reputable online store for the safest experience. Consider what carts should taste like and compare this to what you have consumed.

Stay Safe with Authentic Carts

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How To Get High Like It’s the First Time

Don’t worry; even the heaviest smokers can still get blasted! There are a few different ways in which consistent smokers can prevent themselves from building up a considerable tolerance while still getting high.

To get blasted again, plan a tolerance break, switch consumption methods, or change strains. If you haven’t taken a tolerance break or switched consumption methods in a long time, these solutions will make you feel like a first-time user again.

Plan a THC Tolerance Break

The simplest way to get high again is to take a short tolerance break. A tolerance break requires you to avoid smoking weed for one to four weeks, allowing your endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) to return to baseline levels. We have broken down how to take a Delta-8 tolerance break.

In most cases, a short one to two-week tolerance break will be good enough to get you high again, but heavy smokers might need a more extended break as they allow their bodies to reset. Will a 3 day tolerance break do anything? Well, it sure might! Sometimes, it doesn’t take much, and it depends on how much THC you want to detox. 

So, exactly how long does a tolerance break take? It varies! Start with a few days. If you resume smoking and still aren’t getting the high you want, try a week off. Still wondering how often should you take a tolerance break? That’s up to you! If you are struggling with not getting high enough, that’s usually a pretty solid sign it’s time for a t-break. 

Change Consumption Method

The second method to getting blasted again is to change how you consume your weed. Not many people know this, but you build tolerances for carts, flowers, edibles, and dabs separately. If you’ve been debating between Delta-8 gummies vs. vape, this may be the time to give the gummies a try.

If you have only been smoking carts, you could try smoking flowers or eating edibles instead of going cold turkey for a month. Even if your Delta-9 edible dosage is the same as your vape, the new method may help you get higher.

However, if you really want to get stoned like it’s the first time, you need a tolerance break to reset your system. 

Try a New Vape Cart Strain

Every strain of weed has a specific experience for when you’re high, so sometimes you just need to try something new. If you’ve been smoking pure Indica, try a Sativa, and vice versa! Or perhaps, you can try out different combinations of cannabinoids with rarer alt noids such as Delta-8, Delta-9, HHC, THC-O, or THCa. For example, you can take a Delta-8 tolerance break and smoke Delta-10 for a while.It can be fun to try different strains and different kinds of weed. The best HHC pre-rolls or Delta-9 joints will still give you your favorite effects. Even if you already have a favorite strain, try some new things to avoid building your tolerance.

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Building up a tolerance and not getting high anymore can be frustrating to people who enjoy weed, but luckily, it’s not a complicated problem to solve. There are a few different easy methods that will get you high without building up a large tolerance.

If you relate to the experience of not getting high anymore, try out these methods if you want to get blasted again. It’s as easy as changing how you consume your weed. Visit our shop to explore our diverse selection and find the cart that fits your needs, or stock up for the celebration following your next t-break!

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