How Long Do Carts Last?

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If you live in an area where marijuana is legal, you’ve likely seen a vape pen before and understand the difference between carts vs disposables. Vape pens use convection heat to vaporize oils from the marijuana plant, including THC and CBD. Each vape pen uses a cartridge that typically contains marijuana oil or wax. However, these cartridges, or carts, don’t last forever.

So, how long does a cannabis cartridge last? For a recreational user, a vape cart typically lasts around three months. Depending on the size of the cartridge, a vape cart will last between two weeks to six months for someone who partakes regularly but not heavily.

That said, there’s more to the story in pursuing the answer of how long carts last. How long are THC carts good for? How long does a gram of oil last? How long do THC disposables last? You can discover the answers to all of these questions in this article.

Estimating How Long Weed Cartridges Last

Whether you’re a casual, first-time, or heavy vaper, you’re probably wondering how long cannabis vape cartridges are good for. Luckily, the shelf life of a vape cart is quite long. If you store it correctly, weed vape cartridges are good for six months up to two years before cannabinoid degradation occurs.

You’ll need to do some light math to determine how long a cartridge will last once you open and use it. The length of time a cart lasts mostly depends on how frequently you vape.

First, take the number of mg in the cartridge and divide it by ten to calculate approximately how many three-second pulls are in one cart. For example, if you have a 250 mg cartridge, you’ll get around 25 three-second pulls out of it.

Next, divide the number of pulls by how many three-second pulls you take per day to estimate how long the cart will last you. Let’s continue with the above example; your 250 mg cartridge should last around five days if you enjoy five hits per day. If you prefer ten hits per day, that same cartridge will only last around two or three days.

If you aren’t getting high off of your cart, it could be a fake. A fake cartridge won’t get you high no matter how many hits you take, so it’s important to be able to tell the difference.

500mg Cartridge vs. 1000mg

The most commonly seen sizes for vape cartridges are 500mg vs. 1000 mg carts. There’s no difference between these two cartridge options apart from their size. Both choices will have labels stating the potency and amount of THC or CBD they contain, but the 1000mg cartridge will last longer.

First-time or recreational vapers should opt for a 500mg cart. Users can expect to get around 50 three-second pulls from one cartridge, so if you only take one hit a day, it will last you several months. That said, the shelf life of a vape pen is between six months to two years, so a 1000mg vape cartridge will still be stable after 100 hits, even for someone who vapes often.

More experienced vapers, or those who enjoy more than ten hits a day, would better benefit from a 1000mg cartridge. Why? Because a larger cart means less back-and-forth to the store. A 500mg cart would last less than a week, while a 1000mg cart would last closer to ten days or at least make it through the weekend.

How Long Does a 0.5g Cart Last?

A 0.5g cart contains half of a gram, meaning it contains 500mg of cannabis oil for vaping. So, how long does a 0.5g cart last? As we said above, it largely depends on how often you vape.

500mg vape cartridges typically give the user 50 hits before the cartridge is empty and you cannot pull from it anymore. A 0.5g vape cart could last about one week for someone who vapes seven times a day. Or, it could last about three days for someone who vapes twice as often.

Disposable 0.5g carts last just as long as 500mg vape carts. Once you’ve taken about 50 three-second pulls from your disposable 500mg vape cartridge, you’ll dispose of it and get a new one in your preferred size.

Dab cartridges are similar to vape carts but have a different form of cannabis oil inside. Dab carts use wax or shatter, a thicker substance than oil, and require a higher temperature to heat the wax. Despite the difference in consistency and heat, 0.5g dab carts and 0.5g vape carts provide users with nearly the same amount of pulls.

How Long Does a 1g Cart Last?

A 1g cart contains 1000mg of cannabis oil for vaping. So, how long does a gram of oil last? Expect to get 100 three-second pulls from a 1g vape cart.

If you’re a first-time or recreational user, a 1g cart will last you several months with one or two hits per day. However, a 1g cartridge will last for a heavy user for about a week or two.

How Long Does a 2000mg Cart Last?

Those who vape frequently are likely to wonder, how long does a 2000mg cart last? A 2000mg cart would provide around 200 three-second pulls. If you enjoy around ten hits per day, a 2000mg vape cart should last for around three weeks.

How Long Does a 250mg Vape Cartridge Last?

A 250mg vape cart is the perfect option for first-time or recreational users. This small-size vape cart will give you around 25 three-second pulls, lasting someone who vapes twice a day for nearly two weeks.

250mg vape carts are a great choice if you’re experimenting with a new strain or trying a new flavor. The cart won’t last too long if you’re a regular vaper, but it’ll allow you to sample other varieties without committing to the 1000mg cart.

How Long Does a Disposable THC Cart Last?

If you’re considering getting a disposable THC cart, you’re probably wondering how long a disposable THC vape lasts. Just like the previous examples, disposable carts come in varying sizes to cater to first-time, recreational, or experienced vapers. How long a disposable cart lasts depends on the size of the cartridge and how often you vape.

For example, a disposable THC cart with 500mg of cannabis oil for vaping will provide around 50 three-second pulls, but you can get disposable carts in all sizes.

Disposable carts for vape pens are refillable cartridges that pair with reusable and rechargeable vape pens. Alternatively, you can get a disposable vape pen where you throw the entire apparatus away once the cannabis vape oil is gone.

How Long Do Dab Carts Last?

Dab carts provide the same amount of hits per gram as other vape carts above, depending on the cart capacity. You can use the estimation formula to calculate how long your dab cart will last you.

Estimating How Long Cannabis Pens Last

The shelf life of a vape pen is between six months to a year, so a pen can last for a long before it needs a new cartridge. If you vape infrequently, you’ll be able to make your pen last.

Disposable vape pens last until the cartridge is out, which is typically when the device runs out of battery. Refillable vape pens are rechargeable and use replaceable cartridges so vapers can use the same vape pen with different carts.

How Long Does a 500mg Vape Pen Last?

A 500mg vape pen will give you 50 three-second pulls until the cartridge runs out. If you’re wondering how long half a gram of oil will last in a vape pen, the answer is the same.

A vape pen maintains its charge for one or two days, meaning you will likely have to recharge your vape pen several times when going through a 500mg cartridge.

How Long Does a 1000mg Vape Pen Last?

For those asking how long a gram lasts in a vaporizer, you just need to double the answer above. A 1g vape pen will give about 100 three-second pulls. Of course, you’ll need to recharge your vaping device several times to finish the 1000mg vape pen.

How Long Does a Disposable THC Pen Last?

You should throw a disposable THC pen away after you finish it instead of refilling and recharging the pen. The best HHC disposable pens last the same amount of time as regular vape pens with the same cartridge capacity. For example, a disposable THC pen with a capacity of 1g will give you 100 three-second hits.

How Long Do Dab Pens Last?

If you’re questioning how long dab pens stay good, the answer is the same as any other vape pen or cart. Cannabinoid degeneration typically happens after six months to two years, so your dab pen can last for up to six months to a year.

Regular vapers can enjoy their THC vape carts for around three months at a time. As with other types of vapes, the lifespan of a dab pen will depend on your vape maintenance, its quality, and your cannabis tolerance.

Factors Affecting How Long Carts Last

Now that you’ve seen examples of how long carts last in different scenarios, let’s dive into some factors that affect how long carts last.

How often you vape greatly affects a vape cartridge’s lifespan. You should consider how the cart size, potency, length of your pulls, vape type, and maintenance habits will affect your vape pen to fully determine how long it will last you. You should also be aware of the difference between a fake cart vs. a real cart since a fake will have not last at all.

Recreational, Heavy, or First-Time User

The lifespan of your vape cart largely depends on how often you use it. If you are a recreational or first-time user of a vape pen and weed cartridge, you’ll use it far less often than someone who’s been imbibing cannabis products and vaping for many years.

Cart Size & Capacity

The capacity of your vape cartridge is another important factor in how long a cartridge will last. The bigger the cart size, the longer it will last. Even those who vape frequently will get more time with one cartridge if they get a 1000mg or 2000mg cart as opposed to a 250mg or 500mg cart.

Cart Potency and Your Tolerance Level

Your tolerance levels and the cart’s potency will affect how often you return for another hit and how long a cart will last. Each cannabis oil cartridge contains different levels of THC and CBD. If you’re wondering how long carts can get you high, the answer depends on how potent the oil is and how much cannabis you regularly consume.

If you have a low THC tolerance and your cart is very potent, it will take fewer hits to feel the effects, meaning that the cartridge will last longer overall.

Length of Pulls: How Big Are Your Puffs?

We calculated how long carts last based on three-second pulls, but if you take longer or shorter hits, you’ll see different numbers than the ones we presented.

Vape Cart Type

The brand of vape you choose will affect your vape pen’s battery life and overall lifespan. Choose a vape cart from reputable brands with clear labels outlining the amount of THC and CBD in each product to get the most accurate information for estimating.

You should know what carts are supposed to taste like so that you can determine whether or not you have a faulty cartridge. If you do, you could get sick, so make sure you always buy from a reputable brand.

Vape Care

Are you taking care of your vape? Maintenance is a major factor in ensuring your vape pen and carts last longer.

Keep your vape away from heat or excess cold. High temperatures can cause the cannabis oil to thin and leak into the device. Leaks are a fast way to damage your vape pen. Another way to avoid leaks is to stand your vape upright when it’s not in use.

Be sure to clean the batteries and battery-holding area of your vape routinely to avoid battery corrosion. It’s also a good idea to clean the casing of the vape every so often to keep dirt and grime from building up around the holder.

Our Vape Cart

Do you want an easy-to-use vape pen with refillable carts in various flavors? Check out our amazing Delta-8 THC vape carts for high-quality single vape carts or packs that will stay stable for up to a year.

Whether you enjoy disposable vape carts or prefer a pack of 24 vape carts, we’ve got options for everyone.


Now that you know how long carts last, you can better choose your cartridges when purchasing disposable or refillable vapes and cartridges.


Learn more about how long vape carts last with these answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

How long does a glass vape cartridge last?

A glass vape cartridge typically lasts around three months for infrequent users. A 500mg glass vape cartridge usually lasts around two months for someone who vapes once or twice a day.

How long do Cake carts last?

Vape cartridges from the Cake brand typically come in 1g bars and can last an infrequent user three to six months. A Cake cart will provide about 100 three-second pulls, so depending on how often you use your Cake products, one bar can last a few weeks to a few months.

How long do hash oil cartridges last?

Hash oil cartridges last just as long as other types of vape carts, a few weeks to a few months. Most vape pens have a temperature range that supports regular cannabis vape oil and hash oil for vaping, so you get a similar number of pulls regardless of the oil you prefer.

How long does a gram of hash oil last in a vape pen?

You will enjoy around 100 three-second pulls from 1g of hash oil in a vape pen. A gram of hash oil will last an experienced vaper a couple of weeks, but the same amount could last an infrequent user several months.


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