What Are Disposable Carts?

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Also known as disposable carts, disposable vape cartridges are a main component of vaporizers or rechargeable vape pens. The cart connects to the vape battery and mouthpiece in the vape pen. Disposable carts are available in various forms, but 510 disposable vape cartridges are the primary type.

Cartridges are useful because you can use and replace them in a vape pen, while you use disposable vapes until their lifespan runs out and then throw them away. Keep reading to learn more about carts vs disposables to see which might be best for you.

Are Carts the Same as Disposables?

Although the two serve similar purposes, vape cartridges vs disposable pens have their differences. A primary difference is how manufacturers make each product. They also have different pros and cons, costs, and environmental impacts.

Carts vs. Disposables

A regular cartridge isn’t a single unit; instead, it has a separate battery. Once you buy the prefilled pen, you also buy the battery to power the atomizer.

Unlike cartridges, disposable carts are single solid units with a pen in a card box. The atomizer, battery, oil, and other components are all inside the pen. All you need to do is either inhale or press a button and puff.

Disposable Pros

Here are some of the benefits of using disposable cartridges.

Discreet in Public For Super Stealth Situations

Disposables are lightweight, sleek, and slender, hence very pocket friendly. The smell from the disposables is also weaker than the one from carts.

No Charging Needed

You don’t need to put too much effort into recharging your cart. Nonetheless, you may forget to recharge and run out when you least expect. You don’t need to recharge your disposable carts, so you won’t have to cancel your plans to vape if you forget to charge it.

Cheaper in the Short Term

Disposables have a shorter life span which translates to a lower upfront cost than cartridges. You also don’t face the extra charges for separate accessories because the pen has all the needed parts.

Easy for First-Time Users

Disposables don’t have coils, buttons, or other parts that can pose difficulties when you vape. All you need to do is place the vape between your lips and inhale.

Vape Cart Pros

If you’re thinking that vape cartridges may be your best option, here are some pros of this method.

Automatic Draw

Vape carts have an automatic draw feature that activates the device only when you vape. The pen also regulates voltage based on how strongly you inhale the vapor. As a result, you avoid unnecessary wastage and save your battery life.

Change Flavor or Strain As You Wish

Refillable vape cartridges are interchangeable and allow for easy removal. You don’t have to stick to the strain of cannabis that came preloaded in the device. Instead, the changeable cartridges will give you different experiences with various flavors like the ones mentioned in our best HHC disposables review.

Long-Term Savings

Although the upfront cost of vape carts is higher than disposables, you’ll save more due to the device’s long service life. If you are a regular user, disposables will cost you more in the long run. You can also sample different vapors with one vape pen instead of buying multiple options.

Long Battery Life (High-Quality Ones)

Vape cart batteries have a long lifespan, especially if you opt for a high-quality device. For instance, many 18650 batteries last between 300 and 500 cycles. If you recharge them regularly, the batteries mentioned above could last you one to two years. If your cartridge battery runs out quickly, check to see if it is picked up a fake cart vs. a real cart. We go into even more detail in our article how long do carts last?

Better for the Environment

With vape carts, you only discard the cartridge and not the battery. Although carts are not biodegradable, only a tiny portion of your product will go to waste.

Disposable Cons

Disposables can be ideal for some users but present the following challenges.

The Battery Can Run Out Before the Good Stuff Is Gone

You can only smoke if your device’s battery has a charge. Unfortunately, the battery can run out while the cart still has cannabis. Since you can’t recharge the battery, you will have to discard the product alongside the pen.

Hassle To Remove the Product If the Battery Runs Out

The design of disposables doesn’t have a provision for a refill. If you open the pen in an attempt to remove the product, you may not be able to reassemble the pen safely. You also risk your safety if you plan to reuse a pen you have tampered with.

Stuck With a Flavor

Although disposables have different flavors, the variety is smaller than the types of e-liquids available nowadays. If you only buy one disposable vape pen, you will be stuck with that specific flavor. If you’re unsure of what a cart is supposed to taste like and if you’ll like it, it might be best to choose something you can easily replace.

Disposables Are Bad for the Environment

As the name suggests, disposables don’t last forever and can harm the environment with improper disposal. One disposable can last only a few days, after which you’ll need a new device. If you are a heavy smoker, disposables can be a wasteful product due to the many times you will have to dispose of the devices.

Vape Cart Cons

Even though vape carts have many benefits, the battery can sometimes be inconvenient.

Cartridges Are At the Mercy of the Battery They Are Attached To

Your charge can run out while you are out and about with your vape. You won’t be able to vape again until you get a recharge. The battery also needs maintenance to achieve its expected service life.

Large Black Market of Fakes

There is an abundance of fake carts on the market as we discussed in our article outlining fake carts color.

When To Use Disposables

Disposables are ideal for situations where convenience is a priority.

  • When you go for a trip and are afraid you may lose your cart. Since disposables are designed for temporary use, you won’t incur significant losses if you misplace your pen.
  • If you are in a state where you must throw the device away. A temporary solution comes in handy when you want to experiment or vape for a short period, or if you are traveling and cannot bring your cart back home with you.
  • You can leave the device for a friend who has no smoke. Since you can’t use disposables for long, you can extend the short-term solution to a needy friend.

Disposables are convenient and won’t require you to carry additional accessories, especially when you travel.

When To Use Carts

You will recharge your car’s battery many times before a replacement arises. You will only need to buy the flavor of e-liquid you desire. Because of this, carts are suitable for long-term use.

Carts also let you explore many different options and tailor your experience to suit your needs. You can decide what e-liquid nicotine type, e-cig size and shape, and vape coil to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to different queries that people ask about vapes and carts.

How many days should a disposable vape last?

Disposable vapes usually last one to three days. However, the time can change based on the quality and battery size.

Why are disposables cheaper than carts?

Disposables don’t need many units to form the complete unit needed for use. The less need for hardware and the simple design suitable for temporary use translates to lower costs.

Do carts hold more than disposables?

Not all carts hold more than disposables. How much each holds depends on the inbuilt capacity of the vape.

Which lasts longer, a cart or a disposable?

The e-juices of a cart and a disposable with the same CBD content last the same period. Yet, carts tend to last longer because of their long battery life. How long carts last depends on the battery life of their product.

Which hits better?

Carts usually have more powerful ‘hits’ or ‘draws’ for an improved experience. However, if you are a beginner, you might want to start with disposables before you upgrade to carts. If you’re wondering why you aren’t getting high off carts, check to make sure you don’t have a faulty product.


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