Best Practices: How to Avoid a Burnt Vape

Best Practices: How to Avoid a Burnt Vape

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If vaping is your jam, then keeping that fresh, flavorful experience is key. Knowing how to avoid a burnt vape is not just good vaping practice, but will improve your overall experience. Whether you’re a vaping veteran or just starting your herb journey, understanding the root causes of that dreaded burnt taste and how to prevent it can make all the difference. Dive in with us, as we break down the ins and outs of vape devices and their best practices, ensuring you never have to encounter that burnt note again.

Types of Vape Devices 

The world of vaping offers a diverse range of devices, each tailored to different preferences and lifestyles. For those looking to enhance their cannabis experience, understanding the nuances of each device can be a game-changer. Let’s delve deeper into the main types of vape devices to help you find the one that resonates with your vaping soul.

Pod Systems

Overview: Pod systems are the epitome of convenience in the vaping world. Compact and user-friendly, they’re perfect for vapers who value simplicity and discretion.

Features: These devices come with replaceable pods that can either be refilled or disposed of after use. Due to their size, they often have a smaller battery life but are perfect for light vapers or those who prefer MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping.

Best For Individuals on the go, beginners, or those who want a stealthy vaping experience without the complexities of more advanced systems.

Box Mods

Overview: These are the powerhouses of the vaping realm. Box mods are designed for those who like to take control of their vaping experience, offering advanced features and settings.

Features: They come with a robust battery life and allow users to adjust wattage, voltage, and often temperature. Most box mods are paired with sub-ohm tanks, which produce thick clouds and intensified flavors.

Best For: Seasoned vapers who love cloud chasing, or anyone looking for a more personalized vaping experience with the flexibility to tweak settings.

Pen-Style Vapes

Overview: The middle ground between pod systems and box mods, pen-style vapes are the classic choice, combining simplicity with a touch of customization.

Features: Typically elongated in shape (hence the name), these vapes are easy to use with a single or dual-button operation. They offer a decent battery life and are often used for concentrates.

Best For: Those who want a straightforward experience without compromising on cloud production or flavor intensity, and those who love the iconic pen design.

Components of a Vape Device 

For both newcomers and seasoned vapers, understanding the components of a vape device can greatly enhance the overall experience. Each part plays a vital role, and its performance can directly influence the quality of your vape session. Let’s explain these fundamental parts and explore their significance in the vaping universe.


Overview: At the heart of any vape device, the battery provides the necessary power to heat your cannabis product, transforming it into a delightful vapor.

Features: Batteries can be internal (built-in) or external (replaceable). Their capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), with higher numbers indicating longer usage times. Modern devices often come with USB charging, and some advanced mods even support quick charging.

Importance: A reliable battery ensures consistent power delivery, allowing for a steady and flavorful vaping experience. It’s the backbone that supports all other components.


Overview: The atomizer is where the alchemy takes place. It houses the coil and wick, facilitating the conversion of concentrate into vapor.

Features: There are different types of atomizers – from rebuildable ones (RDA/RTA) for DIY enthusiasts to simple, user-friendly designs for casual vapers.

Importance: A well-functioning atomizer guarantees efficient vaporization, maximizing both flavor and cloud production.


Overview: This component holds the cannabis concentrate. It’s the reservoir from which the atomizer draws its supply.

Features: Tanks are typically refillable and made of glass or plastic, while cartridges (often used with pod systems or pen-style vapes) can be either refillable or disposable. The capacity varies, allowing for longer or shorter vaping sessions before needing a refill.

Importance: A quality tank or cartridge ensures the atomizer has a steady flow of e-liquid or concentrate, preventing dry hits and maintaining consistent flavor.


Overview: Coils are the heating elements within the atomizer. They heat up and vaporize the concentrate that’s in contact with them.

Features: Made from various materials like stainless steel, or nickel, coils come in different resistances. Some are designed for higher wattages and big clouds, while others focus on flavor optimization.
Importance: Coils dictate the quality of the vapor. A good coil can deliver outstanding flavor and vapor density, but it’s also a component that needs regular replacement due to wear and tear.

Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Nothing ruins a vaping session faster than that sharp, unmistakable taste of something burnt. It’s like eagerly biting into a cookie, only to find out it’s raisin instead of chocolate chip – a true buzzkill. For those puzzled by this unexpected and unwelcome sensation, here’s a deeper exploration of the most common culprits behind that burnt vape taste.

Chain Vaping

Chain Vaping refers to taking multiple hits from your vape in rapid succession without allowing adequate time for the coil to soak up more cannabis concentrate. Coils need saturation time. Continuously vaping dries out the wick, causing it to burn, resulting in that unpleasant charred flavor. Patience is key. Allow a few seconds between hits to let the wick re-saturate.

Coils Were Not Primed

A dry coil, when heated, can instantly singe the cotton wick. Without priming, the wick doesn’t get enough to vaporize, leading to a burnt vape taste from the start. Always ensure that new coils are well-saturated with resin or rosin before firing up. Drop some Live Resin/Rosin onto the exposed cotton parts of the coil and fill your tank. Let it sit for a few minutes to absorb before vaping.

Incorrect Temperature/Wattage Settings

Vape devices, especially box mods, allow users to adjust temperature and wattage settings. Setting the temperature or wattage too high can cause the juice to vaporize too quickly, overpowering the coil’s capacity to keep up. This can scorch both the concentrate and the wick. Start at a lower setting and gradually increase until you find your sweet spot. Always check the recommended wattage range on your coil.

Old or Degraded Coils

Like any frequently used item, coils have a lifespan. Over time, coils accumulate some residue. This residue can caramelize and give off a burnt flavor. Regularly inspect and change your coils. If they look dark, crusty, or unevenly burnt, it’s time for a replacement.

Cannabis Concentrate Levels Too Low

The amount of concentrate in your tank or cartridge plays a vital role in vapor quality. A nearly empty tank can cause the wick to dry out faster. When there’s not enough concentrate to be vaporized, the wick starts burning. Keep an eye on your resin levels and refill your tank or cartridge before it gets too low. Understanding these common reasons can not only save your vaping session from going up in smoke, but also prolong the lifespan of your device and components. 

Is it Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape?

Burning your vape is indeed a misstep in the vaping journey. Let’s get candid: Nothing sours a vaping experience faster than that unmistakable burnt taste. Beyond the flavor blunder, when terpenes – those flavorful aromatic compounds in cannabis – are scorched, they lose their essence. Instead of indulging in a rich, aromatic session, you’re left with an acrid taste reminiscent of charcoal. 

But the drawbacks don’t end at the palate. The occasional burnt hit might not be a significant concern from a health perspective, but constantly inhaling from burnt wicks is a no-go. Doing so could expose your lungs to potentially harmful substances, challenging the idea of vaping being a ‘safer’ alternative to traditional smoking. Then there’s the matter of your device. 

Vape components, built for optimal performance, can suffer when pushed to burning points frequently. This not only reduces their lifespan but can also turn into a cost concern as you might find yourself replacing parts more often. And let’s not forget about efficiency. Quality cannabis isn’t a dime a dozen.

Burning your vape is akin to watching your money go up in smoke – literally. It diminishes the value of your concentrate, potentially wasting those precious drops. In a nutshell, while burnt terps undeniably suck, the consequences of burning your vape span flavor, health, device longevity, and efficiency. So, for a fulfilling and safe vaping adventure, it’s best to steer clear of the burn!

How to Avoid a Burnt Vape

The bitter taste of a burnt hit is a vaper’s worst nightmare. It’s akin to eagerly sipping on your morning coffee, only to find out it’s cold. Disappointing, right? The good news? With a sprinkle of vigilance and a dash of know-how, you can keep that fresh, aromatic experience puff after puff. Here are some best practices.

Make Sure Your Vape Is Fully Charged

Think of your vape device as a musical instrument; it’s all about harmony and balance. A device running on a nearly empty battery might not produce the right notes, or, in this case, the right heat. Insufficient power can lead to uneven heating, becoming the prime culprit behind that burnt aftertaste. To keep the symphony going, ensure your device is charged adequately before use. And if you’re someone always on the move, it’s a good idea to have a backup battery or a portable charger on hand.

Pause Between Hits

Imagine sprinting non-stop; soon, you’d run out of breath. Continuously vaping without giving your device a break can dry out the wick quicker than it can absorb the live rosin. The result? Yes, you guessed it – a burnt vape taste. The trick here is rhythm. A few moments of pause between puffs can ensure your vape remains well-saturated, guaranteeing a consistent and flavorful experience.

Store Your Vape Correctly

How you store your vape device plays a pivotal role in its performance. Just as you wouldn’t leave your phone baking in the sun or freezing temperatures, your vape device deserves the same care. An upright position in a cool, dry environment ensures the juice doesn’t leak and keeps the coil in prime condition. Remember, a well-kept vape is a well-performing vape.

Ease Up on the Draw

Vaping isn’t a race. Drawing too hard and too quickly can either flood the coil or dry it out, both leading paths to that bitter burnt vape taste. Embrace a gentler approach. A smooth and controlled inhale ensures an optimal balance of airflow and vaporization, delivering a pristine flavor each time.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of vaping can sometimes feel like mastering a new instrument. It’s about learning the nuances, recognizing when something feels off, and making little tweaks to perfect the experience. As with any craft, understanding the fundamentals and giving it the care it deserves is paramount. By keeping a vigilant eye on the device’s battery level, ensuring coils are primed, taking mindful pauses between hits, storing your vape wisely, and being gentle on the draw, you’re setting the stage for countless impeccable vaping sessions. 

Burnt hits should be a relic of the past, and with these insights in your arsenal, the horizon looks smooth, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying. Here’s to elevating your vaping journey and keeping it burn-free! Cheers to the clouds ahead.

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